Monday, 9 December 2013

Dieter Muh on IEM Radio


Above is the link for a podcast on Moscow based radio station IEM. It is operated by Dmitry who also runs the excellent Monochrome Vision label. I am honoured to have an hour programme dedicated to Dieter Muh … I hope you enjoy.


  1. Steve, I absolutely loved this 1-hour Dieter Müh transmission, this is my first long-form introduction to the Müh sound and it made for an exhilarating Tuesday morning listening experience – to set the scene, from my vantage point on the 2nd floor office where I work, I can gaze out onto a rather large austere looking car park, and in the gloom and desolation of the early morning, it made for a perfect visual accompaniment to the music – it’s a sort of maudlin Ballardian notion I must admit but that’s how it went down. Really liked the section of music around the 10min mark with that loop of the voice moaning through some sort of punishment, the voice having a disturbing yet strangely melancholic quality to it. Really loved the nightmarish section around the 26min mark with those great clanging percussive sounds layered with what sounded like droning voices - wonderfully nightmarish stuff. I’ve listened to the session twice this morning (on headphones), and am looking forward to burning this onto a CD later and it giving it full expression on the stereo. I wonder Steve, would you consider uploading the session sometime without the Russian announcements, and perhaps a higher bit rate offered on the IEM site… just a thought…. By the way, do you have any idea what Dmitry was talking about ? I’ve only got a few paltry Russian words lifted from Tarkovsky films, but it sounded interesting, and I at least recognized mentions for Zoviet*France, Whitehouse and John Dee no less !

  2. Thanks Wes, glad you enjoyed the podcast. I hadn't heard some of that material in ages, and it sounded quite good! Dmitry seem to be mixing tracks as he went along and making it sound "fresh" (hate that word but can't think of anything else at this time).
    I also have no idea what Dmitry is saying .. he mentions my old punk band Total Strangers and Ideas Beyond Filth, and our studio work with Colin Potter. I think he also lists names of other bands/projects we have played live with … Or he is likening the sound??? Whatever - it is a pleasant listen. I will hopefully get a copy on CDR tomorrow to play loud through my speakers and not the 'pooter.
    Thanks again.