Friday, 18 January 2013

Star Turbine

Just spent a pleasant while listening to the cassette album "The Sleeping Land" by Star Turbine. Star Turbine is the project of Sindre Bjerga and Small Things On Sundays member Claus Poulson. Three pieces starting with "Permafrost". This piece  has a haunting ambiance of a large empty space, there are ever present drones that have a touch of This Heat about them and scrambling guitar scratching across the horizon. Beautiful picturesque, it all breaks into solitary mode...pondering...lost in thought. "Dimension Zero" is a piece like the Marie Celeste, with voices of lost souls floating around the delicate sounds of exploration. Side Two is the 20 odd minute piece "Hibernation" which sounds like a continuation of "Dimension Zero"...the same delicate squelching and scrambling electronic sounds. The sound is lifted by a great tonal drone that repeats and folds outwards across the room like great yawning waves. "Hibernation" perhaps hangs in the air for too long...but it remains a great (and very clever) piece.
The sound is crystal clear, of excellent all fits in with the releases of Tidal, Andreas Brandal and Phantom Heron Seas.
"The Sleeping Land" is co-released by Russian labels Radiodrone Records and Dronarivm. Try for a copy. Recommended.  

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