Friday, 11 January 2013

MuhMur (SoundArt Radio Broadcast 10/01/2013)

Last night saw the seventh in an unending series of broadcasts on SoundArt 102.5FM. Last nights programme was entitled "Let Me Tell You About Sweden", and featured an "exclusive" track from Amph. There was a small panic in the studio when it looked like Dave Mutch (the erstwhile engineer) was not going to show up due to illness and therefore I would have to keep playing records until dawn ... but Dave rose from his sickbed to make a late appearance and take the pictures!! (Didn't keep me from the pub though).
The playlist:

1: The Stranglers : "Sverige" (United Artists) 7" 1978.
2: Enhanta Bodlar : "Lefeunde Spindel" (Midas Music) 1988.
    (From the "Harsh Ears Now !! 5" compilation cassette)
3: Lille Roger : "Dachau" (Konduktor Rekords) 1985.
    (From the "For Life" cassette album)
4: Henrik Rylander : "Malodorous Motion" (Hasten & Korset) 2012.
    (From the "The Horror" cassette album)
5: Amph : "Werken Der Hand" (Release The Bats) 2012.
    (From the "Sverige" compilation album)
6: Mirrors Are Black : Flickljus" (Solformorkelse) 7" 2012.
    (From the split 7" single with Gaerra)
7: White Stains : "Express Your Desire" (TOPY Scan) 7" 1989.
8: Karmanjakan Intonarumori : "Auto-Destructive" (Karmanjakan Produkt)  2004.
    (From the "Vermin Vortex Futura" CDr album)
9: Amph : "Mustaqbal" (Hasten & Korset) 2012.
    (From the "Tapeworks Volume 6" compilation cassette)
10: Trepaneringsritualen : "De la Mer" (Belaten) 2012.
11: Trepaneringsritualen : "Le Seul Vrai Roi" (Belaten) 2012.
    (Both tracks from the "Roi Perdu" cassette)
12: Kristian Olsson : "C18H21N03" (Not On Label) 2003
    (From a private edition of "Laudanum" CDr album)
13: Ochu : "Uppbrott" (Segerhuva) 2004
14: Ochu : "Vovov Gepetto" (Segerhuva) 2004.
15: Ochu : "Turbulens I Brun Saliv" (Segerhuva) 2004.
    (All tracks from the split 7" EP with Treriksroset)
16: Cryme : "Raging Dogs" (Kosmisk Vag) 2011.
    (From the "The Gentle Way" cassette album)
17: The Leather Nun : "Slow Death" (Wire Records) 1986.
    (From the Re-Issue 12"EP)
18: Kommando RJF : "Untitled Piece" (Unknown Label) 2012.
    (From the forthcoming album "Sweet Slow Suicides")
19: Amph : "Terry" (Not On Label) 2012.
    (A recording exclusive for "MuhMur Radio")
20: Arv & Miljo : "Fukt" (Ljud & Bild Produktion) 2012.
    (From the "Orientering I Denna Varld" CD album)
21: Leif Elggren : "The North Is Protected" (Creation Books) 2009.
    (From the "Micro-Bionic" compilation CD album)

Due to a technicality, the recording of the programme has to be edited and it may take a few days before I upload the programme onto Mixcloud, but I will put the link up on the bottom of this page soon...Thanks for listening. The next MuhMur Radio Broadcast will be on the 24th of January, 9pm-11pm and will feature a few tracks from Anemone Tube as well as other artists / projects that begin with the letter "A". 

Programme now uploaded:
***** *****

1: I am the DJ.
2: Amph CDr Sleeve......thanks Peter.




  1. Is that title of Kommando RJF track? The best song from the Stranglers!

  2. Excellent show! Kommando RJF track is called "Below" and the LP will be out on Posh Isolation any day now.