Friday, 25 January 2013

MuhMur SoundArt Radio Broadcast 24/01/2013

Last nights radio programme features an hour of Anemone Tube followed by an hour called "Big 'A' Little 'A'" which features artists / projects that begin with the letter "A".

Anemone Tube.
1: Black River.
2: Building Of Flames.
(Both from the 10" EP "Flowers Of Reality". Transfixional Entertainment Records. 1998)
3: Ti Fang - Desertification Extinguished.
(From the cassette album "Forget Heaven". Bawler Productions. 1997)
4: The Encounter III.
(From the CD ": existenz". Auf Abwegen. 2001)
5: Separating Green.     
(From the compilation CDr "Ambient Intimacy Volume 3" EE Tapes. 1999)
6: The Desecration From Within.
(From the CD "Death Over China". Silken Tofu/Topheth Prophet. 2011)
7: In The Mausoleum.
8: From Anthropocentism To Demoncentrism.
(From the forthcoming split LP (with Dissecting Table) "This Dismal World". Peripheral Records. 2013)
Big 'A' Little 'A'.
9: Al Qaeda "Untitled"
10: Al Qaeda "Untitled"
(Both tracks from the split 7" (with BBBlood) on Trans-Dimensional Sushi. 2009)
11: Arkkon/Membranoids "Sea Of Memory" (Insofar Vapor Bulk) 2001.
12: A Challenge Of Honour "Swallowed By Time" (Peripheral Records) 2012
13: Antichildleague "Occult Purity" (Hagshadow) 2008.
14: Anenzephalis "Daymare" (Tesco Organisation/Zaetraom) 2008.
15: Rob Angus "Leaves Fall, Buildings Crumble, A New Generation Will Play In The Rubble"
    (Sound Of Pig/Basic Tapes) 1986.
16: Aavikon Kone Ja Moottori "Rakkaudella Sinulle" (Bad Vugum Records) 1995
17: Appliance "Go Native" (Mute Records) 2003
18: Atman "The End Of Philosophy" (Obuh Records) 1993
19: Animals & Men "Don't Misbehave In The New Age" (TW Records) 1979.
20: ....and The Native Hipsters "Concorde Again" (Heater Volume Records) 1980
21: Alio Die "Untitled" (Kaon) 1997
22: Astral Social Club "Snaefell" (Trensmat Records) 2011

The programme has been uploaded on to mixcloud.
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The next programme will be on February 7 at 21:00 hours GMT please tune in to SoundArt Radio 102.5FM if you are in the Torbay/South Hams area or go online to for a listen.

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