Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Astral Social Club #11

I have just received a brace of 30 bob trips from the fine Sheepscar Light Industrial label. I am saving Phil Julian 3" for later, but I've spent the past couple of days playing the Astral Social Club release "Squeegee Anthem #1". The track starts with some gentle guitar strumming and plucking...could be Neil playing along with the kids..before the beast is awoken. A drifting phazed amp noise enters and brings with it electricity. Strings. Electric strings, multi layered strings and multi layered effects.
A few minutes in and there's a "rock" beat playing underneath, could be Blue Cheer, could be Montrose, could be Showaddywaddy*, I don't know but the drums try and burst through but are shielded by multi multi strings madness.
A couple of years ago I saw Astral Social Club live in a field on the outskirts of Cambridge, by half way through "Squeegee Anthem #1" the memories come flooding back.
Eleven minutes in and we are full on rocking, wigging and scudding along sounding like a late '90's Skullflower jam. And then it ends...cuts dead, no fade, no come down...just ends. I think the track deserves an ending, but there y'go. Another instant classic from Astral Social Club - the first of 2013 and big thanks to Sheepscar Light Industrial for releasing it.
Please visit www.sheepscar.blogspot.co.uk and buy this beauty, available for any price above £1.50 and also available as a download (why on earth you'd want one though...etc etc). "Squeegee Anthem #1" is limited to 50 only, so act fast!!

* I don't think it is Showaddywaddy. 

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  1. Hey Steve, thanks for the lovely words about this release and SLI in general. It is a little cracker, was playing it on a loop for a few days myself...

    Any hoo, it is all sold out at SLI HQ, although the download shall always be available. If, however, perople are wanting to try and grab the last couple of copies of the disc, then Neil has a few over here;

    Thanks again for your support,