Sunday, 8 April 2012

Six Heads

Proving that dadaism is alive and well and living in the 'burbs of Toronto, Six Heads bring us "Cardboard Oracle" a 12" 33rpm LP released by Wintage Records&Tapes.
Side one is entitled "Smaller, Larger, Lighter (Incantation Of The Naugahyde Witch)". A fifteen minute track featuring (and this is guess work) Chinese thumb piano, radio interference, singing bowls,cheap battery powered keyboards,contact microphones, turntables, tape decks and a general bastardization of cognitive sound as we know it.
Side two is entitled "Carnival Dust" and lasts one minute longer. The sound here begins with a bass rumble and what sounds like the grinding of teeth before Dr. Phibes enters on his wurlitzer organ. The sound is then experimented on - various pitches, equalizations, tones, spaces etc. A cacophony of nightmare undulations. Excellent (fascinating) stuff. "Carnival Dust" presents a sense of unease.
Both pieces sound as if they could be from live performances, but the recording credits list three locations used over a two year period. Masterful editing.
I am already in love with this LP, and I've only had it a couple of days. (I have also taken advantage of the sterling/dollar exchange rate and got copies of a couple of Six Heads cassettes: "The Popeye Scat" and "The Official Bootleg"). The LP is packaged in between to old pieces of cardboard - my cover being a recycled Tony Banks LP! The Toronto record shop "She Said Boom" is given a thanks in the credits so I can guess where the old LP sleeves come from.
If you like (Early) Nurse With Wound or irr. app. (ext) the Six Heads are yours.

Six Heads are; J. Bailey, W.A. Davison, L. Feesey, S. Higgins, C. Hinz and P. Mosher.

Six Heads stuff can be found at William's website: and contact Kevin Crump of Wintage at and get some Six Heads!

1: "Cardboard Oracle" cover by William A. Davison.
2: "Cardboard Oracle" back cover painting.
3: "The Popeye Scat" & "Official Bootleg" cassettes.
4: William & Sherri of Six Heads outside "She Said Boom" store. Toronto. 2008.

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