Thursday, 5 April 2012


I saw this release being advertised on the "Special Interests" forum board and it intrigued me. A split release by a Bulgarian project and an artist from Costa Rica. I have never heard of any experimental / dark ambient / drone music (that is how it was advertising itself) from either countries, so I had to find out.....
Sure, like everybody who bought 4AD Records back in the 1980's I have once owned a Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares album, but that was 25 years ago.
This split cassette is a C60 released by Bulgarian Abandonment Label and limited to only 44 copies. Mytrip present three pieces of cold, bleak, windswept, monochrome industrial landscapes. I have a sense that the material was produced on a computer. It is dark ambient to a tee, highly listenable but nothing gripping. The sound sometimes gets lost in the low EQ murkiness. Track three; "Watching Myself" has a more urgent feel to it, a certain irritable madness but after a few minutes it calms down to the dark drone.
Mytrip present enough for me to want to hear more, especially on CD (better quality sound), a couple of these tracks would have sounded great as a 7" on Stefan Knappe's Drone Records label, alas that label has finished.
EUS are from Costa Rica and here present a 27 minute piece called "Menester". The sound is of drifting guitar through a myriad of laptop effects. Shoegazing on the mezzanine level and didn't really "do anything". At first I am reminded of the work of ex Slowdive guitarist Simon Scott, but ... even these thoughts tail off after a few minutes. I have tried three times to listen to the whole 27 minutes of "Menester", but each time (about 15 minutes in) I am having to press the eject.

A worthy release for me because I have discovered the sound of Mytrip and want to hear more, and I have heard the sound of the Bulgarian underground! I'll give future Costa Ricans a miss.
The cassette is professionally duplicated with a great sleeve. Try and seek out via;

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