Thursday, 19 April 2012

Lunn Poly

Beartown Records is slowly building itself up into a collectible label, they have released some fine albums in the past couple of years (since they came into my orbit) from the likes of BBBlood, Aqua Dentata, Baraclough, Cheapmachines, Astral Social Club, Petals and Red Electric Rainbow to name a few. This month they have released a new cassette album by Manchester based noisenik Smear Campaign and a CDr by Cheshire based duo Lunn Poly.
As far as I am aware Lunn Poly are a one off project by Beartown Records operators; Chris Bostock and David Mellor...but I could be wrong. (I usually am). "Thee Cosmic Donald" is a 40+ minute CDr encased in child like kind of fits the sound. 40+ minutes is a tad too many, Lunn Poly should have appeared on a compilation or split C20 cassette and then disappeared into the mythical ether. There are parts of this album that have ingenuity and are highly listenable conjuring up the early tape collaging of Smegma and the releases of labels such as Audiofile Tapes and Sound Of Pig, but it all becomes familiar in a very quick time.
Tape Collaging / Vocal Manipulation / Bodily Functions and Tweaked Electronics are fed through looping devices and a Roland Space Echo (or maybe a WEM CopyCat) to the nth degree. There's a hint of Dilloway, but not enough to make this a bit novelty and tiring.
Perhaps I am taking this too seriously? After all many of the loops and rhythms are built from belching and farting.

The CDr is available for £4 from Beartown direct -, although (to me) they remain a label worth listening to I don't think the Lunn Poly release will win them new "fans".

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