Saturday, 25 February 2012

Iibiis Rooge #2

Just spent a pleasant while listening to the latest release from Iibiis Rooge. Iibiis Rooge are the collaborational project of Astral Social Club and French musique-maestro High Wolf.
"Life In A Bloodcell" is a C30 cassette released on High Wolf's own Winged Sun Records imprint. Side A begins with the excellently titled "Tall Venusians", a classic slice of dance trance material. Psy-Trance I think they called it in the clubs back in the 1990's. there's bongos, sliding gizmo guitar and drifting keys all in the mix. "Small Tunisians" follows - this is the longer of the two pieces, and after the cool trance like rhythms of "Tall Venusians" it kind of drifts aimlessly out of the speakers. Too many sounds, too much complication, overdose of does end like a Tangerine Dream soundtrack though.....
Too me Side B is one long track, although two titles are given. Churning motors give an industrial rhythmic feel...and the madness of a toy glockenspiel in the mix takes me on a great journey. Head nods, neck moves, mind wanders, pictures form etc.....then a great dub style bass-line enters the fray with techno madness taking over - I'm back to late 80's ON-U Sound. Neil & The House Of Dread. Excellent track(s).
It has been a two year wait for these 30 minutes of electronic madness, and well worth it. The tape is probably limited and avaiable for £4 + P&P from Astral Social Club direct - - bloody worth it.

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