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2011 - Has It Been A Good Year?

Seems that this is becoming a regular item at the start of the year...I thought I'd go with it this year. "Has it been a good year"? Well, re-united with some old gems and found some new exciting sounds can't be all that bad....
A great highlight of 2011 was travelling to Finland with Tamsin and the kids, as well as Simon Kane and his partner Lidya and playing live alongside Grey Park in Helsinki and re-visiting Jyvaskyla with Juri Joensuu (of Mnem).
The AAVE Festival in Helsinki was perhaps one of the most enjoyable live outings I have ever had. The setting (a small studio cinema), the film (Tim Bayes' "Burning Dogs Teeth") and the sound...the seated and appreciative audience. It all just left me with a great sense of awe and belief. A wondrous and magickal night...and like I mentioned I got to see Grey Park live too. The second Dieter Muh performance of the year was a little disappointing, sound and visual wise, but I had prepared the wrong sound for the venue. Great to meet Z'ev though.
Looking at other folks' output through 2011 has made me realise I've been a little slack! Being part of the compilation "Your Playing Like A Fucking Pub Band" to celebrate Independent Record Store Day was fun, as was taking part in Lucas Abela's "Mix Tape" project. Hopefully 2012 will see more releases, the live in 2010 tape should be soon via Hanson Records.

Anyway - Here is a list (I love lists) of what came through the doors of Hartop Towers in 2011.

Alfarmania "Halogd Insikt" (Autarkeia Vinyl) 10"
Animals & Men "The Terraplane Fixation" (Strange Days) 7"
Animals & Men "Revel In The Static" (Hyped 2 Death) CD
Animals & Men "Never Bought Never Sold" (Mississippi Records) LP
Appliance "Reconditioned" (RROOPP) 3xCD
Appliance "Reconditioned Promo" (RROOPP) CDrEP
Aqua Dentata " 7th Past the Umbrella" (Beartown Records) Tape
Aqua Dentata "Lesbian Semiotics At A Jewellery Table" (Echo Tango) CDr
The Armoury Show "New York City" (Parlophone) 7"
Ashtray Navigations "3 Rockets Thicken" (Trensmat) 7"EP
Ashtray Navigations "Human Wrecktronics" (Not On Label) Tape
Astral Social Club "Smashed Tractor" (Journal Of Belgae Folk Club) 3" CDr
Astral Social Club "Two Slabs" (Beartown Records) Tape
Astral Social Club "Ach/Och" (Astral Social Club) Tape
Astral Social Club "Wheezy Paradise" (Sonic Oystre Cassettes) Tape
Astral Social Club "Snaefell" (Trensmat) 7"
Astral Social Club "Scudding" (Astral Social Club) CDr
Astral Social Club "V.E.N.U.S" (Astral Social Club) CDr
Astral Social Club "Generator" (Dekorder) LP
Astral Social Club/Tomutonttu "Split" (Tippee Bowler Tapes) 12"EP
B Movie "The Dead Good Tapes" (Wax Records) LP
BBBlood "Destroy,Shatter,Stun,Intoxicate" (Void Seance) Tape
BBBlood/Rank Sinatra "Split" (Mourning Glory) 7"EP
Andreas Brandal "Autumn Drama" (Lighten Up Sounds) Tape
Andreas Brandal "Eight Secret Messages" (Ilse) CDr
Gunter Brus "Bodyanalysis Actions 1964-1970" (Edition Krothenhayn) DVD/Book
Burial Hex "MaHa Bone" (Skulls Of Heaven) 2xCDr
Burial Hex "In Girum Imus Nocte Et Consumimur Igni" (Skulls Of Heaven) CDr
Burial Hex "Blood Between Her Lakes" (Turgid Animal) Tape
Burial Hex "A Night With Two Moons" (Aurora Borealis) Tape
Burial Hex "Eschatology 1" (Brave Mysteries) Tape
Burial Hex "Hunger" (Holidays Records) 12"
Burial Hex "Book Of Delusions" (Brave Mysteries) LP+CD
Burial Hex/Kinit Her "Vedic Hymns" (Altvinyl) LP
William Burroughs "Three Allusive Tracks From Breakthrough In Grey Room" (Sub Rosa) 7"
Burzum "Burzum/Aske" (Misanthropy Records/Cymophane Records) CD
Joshua Norton Cabal "Inner Light" (Chimera Records) CD
Cathar Tech "Apis" (Sonic Mutations) 3"CDr
Cheapmachines "Cast" (Beartown Records) Tape
Cheapmachines "Debris" (CMX) 7" Test Pressing
Cheapmachines "Accessory" (CMX) Tape
Cheapmachines "Kept" (Second Layer Records) Tape
Cheapmachines "Fulcrum" (Void Seance) CDr
Cheer "Singing Sand" (At War With False Noise) Tape
Clew Of Theseus "Oran" (Cathartic Process) 2xTape/8" Lathe Cut EP/Book
Clew Of Theseus "The Death Urge" (Verlautbarung) LP
Cloama "Municipality Of Marionettes" (Freak Animal) LP
Club Moral "Instruments Of Attraction 2" (No Basement Is Deep Enough) 10"EP
Club Moral "1981-1986" (Vinyl On Demand) 5xLP/DVD Box Set
Craig Colorusso "Sun Boxes" (Not On Label) 7"
Column One "W. Transmission 1" (A.N.Column Release) Tape/Booklet
Column One "Prasident Der Sonne" (Moloko +) CD
Column One "No One" (90% Wasser) 3xLP/3xCD/Book Box Set
Compass Hour "Compass Hour" (Brave Mysteries) Tape
Coum Transmissions "Sugarmorphoses" (Dais Records) LP
Alistair Crosbie "Music For Lighthouses" (Quinquaginta) Tape
Current 93 "Baalstorm, Sing Omega" (Coptic Cat Records) CD
Dead Wood/Phantom Heron Seas "Sunshine Daily Commercial" (Dirty Demos) 7" Flexi
Dead Wood/Phantom Heron Seas "Microbes 1&2" (Dead Sea Liner) 3"CDr
Death In June "Burial" (Leprosy Discs) CD
Demons Dilloway "Live At The Magic Stick" (AA Records) Tape
Aaron Dilloway "Mousetrap" (Monorail Trespassing) Tape
Aaron Dilloway "Lip Syncing To Verme" (Hunderbiss) LP
Aaron Dilloway "The Rope And The Dogs" (777 Was 666) CD
Aaron Dilloway/John Wiese "Live At The Chiselhurst Caves" (Hanson Records) 7"
Dome "1&2" (Mute Records) CD
Dome "3&4" (Mute Records) CD
John Duncan/Z'ev/Michael Esposito "There Must Be A Way Across This River" (Fragment Factory) LP
E.S.P Kinetic "Want Some Of This?" (Harbinger Sound) LP
Ekca Liena "Slow Music For Rapid Eye Movement" (Dead Pilot Records) DCD
Emaciator "Appease" (Monorail Trespassing) Tape
Emaciator "Defeat" (Monorail Trespassing) Tape
Emeralds "Solar Bridge" (Hanson Records) CD
Erdlicht "Urlicht/Erster Kreis (UFA Muzak) CDr
Michael Esposito/Kevin Drumm "The Icey Echoer" (Fragment Factory) 7"EP
Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim "s/t" (Not On Label) Tape
Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim "Der Legende Vom Heiligen Trinker" (Silken Tofu) CD
Fiat Lux "Aqua Vitae" (Polydor Records) 12"
Patrik Fitzgerald "The Paranoid Ward" (Small Wonder Records) 12"EP
Mick Flowers & Neil Campbell "Live" (Not On Label) CDr
Flutwacht "Veroffentlicht Durcht" (Licht Und Stahl) Tape
Stephane Garin/Sylvestre Gobart "Gurs/Drancy.... (Gruenrekorder) DCD
Gary War "Reality Protest" (Holidays Records/Sacred Bones) 7"
Genocide Organ "Under-Kontrakt" (Tesco Organisation) LP
Carlos Giffoni/Cornucopia "Split" (Sonora) Tape
The Gist "Love At First Sight" (Rough Trade Records) 7"
Glue Pour/Preslav Literary School "Split" (Razzle Dazzle) LP
Duncan Harrison "80 Ghosts" (Soundholes) Tape
Duncan Harrison/BBBlood "Split" (Not On Label) Tape
Duncan Harrison/Hobo Sonn "Split" (Not On Label) Tape
Russell Haswell "Recorded While It Actually Happened" (Tochnit Aleph) Tape
Charles Hayward "Recorded" (1968 Film Group) DVD
Haxan Cloak "Observatory" (Aurora Borealis) 12"
Haxan Cloak "Observatory" (Aurora Borealis) Tape
Haxan Cloak "Haxan Cloak" (Aurora Borealis) CD
Helm "Impasse" (Low-Point) 3"CDr
Helm "Cryptography" (Kye Records) LP
Here & Now "Dog In Hell" (Charly Records) 7"EP
Here & Now "Give And Take" (Esoteric Recordings) CD
Hum Of The Druid "Hum Of The Druid" (Abisko) Tape
Human Larvae "Home Is Where The Hurt Is" (Existence Establishment) CD
I. Corax "Spectral Metabolism" (Kaos Kontrol) CD
Inade "The Flood Of White Light" (Malignant Records) 10"EP
Inade "Antimimon Pneumatos" (LOKI Foundation) CD
Inanna "Signal/Or/Minimal" (Crowd Control Activities) CD
Irgun Z'Wai Leumi "Klirr Faktor" (Verlautbarung) LP
The Joy Of Living/The Apostles "Death To Wacky Pop" (Fight Back Records) 7"EP
Philip Julian "Location" (Entr'acte) Tape
GX Jupitter-Larsen/Muennich "Der Arbeiter Von Wien" (Fragment Factory) 7"
GX Jupitter-Larsen/John Wiese/The New Blockaders "Rip Off" (Helicopter Records) 7"
GX Jupitter-Larsen/Cheapmachines "Continuous Tunnel Clock" (Anarchymoon Recordings) 7"
Kallabris "Music For Very Simple Objects" (Substantia Innominata) 10"EP
Kanttoripoika/Re-Clip "Split" (Record Deals) 7"
Kinit Her "Living Midnight At The Harvest Abbey" (Brave Mysteries) Tape
Kinit Her "The Lord Of Power" (Alt Vinyl) 8" Lathe
Kinit Her "Gratitudes" (Small Doses) CD+3"CDEP
Land Observations "Roman Roads EP" (Enraptured) 7"EP
Lithops "Uni Umit" (Sonig Records) 12"
Magazine "About the Weather" (Virgin Records) 12"EP
Magnetic North Duo/Grey Park "Split" (Ikuisuus) Tape
Martial God Mask "Death's Head" (Dead Wood Recordings) Tape
Max & Malcolm "Max & Malcolm" (Dangerous Rhythm) LP
Megaptera "Staring Back At You" (Malignant Records) CD
Minimal Self "Formula Of Reversal" (Wavetrap) CD
Minimalistic Sweden "Standard Klickmusik" (Mitek) CD
Muennich "Rugged" (Fragment Factory) Tape
Musiikkivyory "Musiikkivyoryn B-Osa" (Ektro Records) 2xTape
N. Strahl. N. "Heroischer Realismus/Amor Fati" (Verato Project) 2xCDr
Neon Sea "Fading Light" (Lighten Up Sounds) Tape
Nicole 12 "First Dance Of The Spring" (Freak Animal Records) 7"EP
Nicole 12 "Black Line" (Freak Animal Records) LP
Not Sensibles "Instant Classics" (Bent Records) LP
Wavis O'Shave "Anna Ford's Bum" (Anti-Pop Entertainment) LP
Olympic Shitman "Supercharge" (Harbinger Sound) 2xLP Test Pressing
Ophibre And Dry Valleys "Split" (Sacred Phrases) Tape
Paavi "Paavi" (Lal Lal Lal) 12"EP
Pestdemon "Helvetesljuset" (Unrest Productions) LP
Plurals "Imagining Perpetual Tower" (Dead Pilot Records) LP
Praying For Oblivion/N. Strahl. N. "Aktion T4" (Phage Tapes) Tape
Preslav Literary School "In Fractals" (Glosses Fur Die Masses) CDr
Preslav Literary School "Le Reflexion Du Tir" (Fall Of Nothing) Tape
Preslav Literary School "Beautiful Was The Time" (Elephant & Castle) CDr
Psychic TV "Stockholm/Jarman Themes/Live (Vinyl On Demand) 4xLP
Psychic TV "Themes" (Cold Spring Records) 7xCD Box Set
Psychogeographical Commission "Widdershins" (Acrobiotic) 3"CDr
Rabbit Girls "Dental Record" (Roil Noise) CDr
Raionbashi & Kutzkelina "Aktion 091216 Berlin" (Harbinger Sound) 12"
Red Electric Rainbow "Oh, What Tangled Web We Weave" (Community College) Tape
The Rita "Predators" (Second Layer Records) 7"
Sabbath Assembly "Restored To One" (The Ajna Offensive) CD
Scars "All About You" (Pre Records) 7"
Schuster "Blac Flies Resplendent On The Blak Moon" (Adeptsound) CDr
Schuster "Blac Flies Resplendent On The Blak Moon" (Licht Und Stahl) Tape
The Secret "The Young Ones" (Arista Records) 7"
Section 25 "The Beast" (Factory Records) 12"EP
Shiver "They Will Feed On Us" (Diazepam) Tape
Sissy Spacek "Epistasis" (A Dear Girl Called Wendy) 7"EP
Slump "Malpas Way" (Beartown Records) Tape
The Sons Of God "The Object" (Firework Edition Records) CD
Mark Stewart "On/Off" (Monitorpop) DVD
Stiff Little Fingers "Alternative Ulster" (Rough Trade Records/Rigid Digits) 7"
Stockholm Monsters "All At Once" (Factory Records) 7"
Storm Bugs "A Safe Substitute" (Harbinger Sound) LP
Stratvm Terror "This Is My Own Hell" (Reverse Allignment/Existence Establishment) CD
Tears Of Ochre "An Eternity In An Infinity Flash Of Grey" (Not On Label) CDr
Tears Of Ochre "Solipstic Apocalypse" (Not On Label) CDr
Textured Bird Transmission "Recycled" (RRRecords) tape
Throbbing Gristle "Journey Through A Body" (Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien) LP
Throbbing Gristle "United-The 7" Singles" (Not On Label) LP
Tidal "Echo Dawn" (Rotifer Cassettes) Tape
Trepaneringsritualen "Matyrium" (Small Doses) Tape
Treriksroset "Venal" (Chefsideologens Bolag) Tape
Troum "Saiws" (Equation Records) 7"
Various Artists "Agdam" (Agdam) CD
Various Artists "East" (Dead Good Records) LP
Various Artists "Feral Debris 5" (Feral Debris) CDr/Magazine
Various Artists "Galactic Hits" (Consart/Vibrations) CD
Various Artists "Incendium 3" (LOKI Foundation) CD
Various Artists "Record Store Record" (RRRecords) LP
Various Artists "Second One" (Hyster) Tape
Various Artists "This Is Our Generation" (Retro Records) CD+Book
Various Artists "You Are Playing Like A Fucking Pub Band" (The 7:17 From West Wittering Is Late Again) 6xTape
Various Artists "Your Song My Foot" (WFMU) CD
Voice Of Eye "Anthology Two 1992-1996" (Transgredient Records) DCD
Chris Watson "The Sea Ice Border" (Corridor8) CDr+Book
Wyrm + Nocturnal Emissions "Symmetrical Ecstacy" (Roil Noise Offensive) CDr+3"CDr
Xiphod Dementia "Might Is Blight" (Existence Extablishment) CD

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