Monday, 12 September 2011

Secondhand Record Shops #14: Pete's Music, Cambridge.

Just spent a couple of days discovering the delights of Cambridge, trying (and failing) to find Spaceward Studios and finding the old Corn Exchange where once the late great Birthday Party trod the boards...they had a limiter y'know....anyway. Cambridge is a lovely City in the sun. There's some awesome architecture and plenty of pubs. One thing lacking though is the secondhand vinyl store. There is a Fopp and HMV so that's perhaps the reason why? Friday & Saturday was Market Day and on the market was "Pete's Music". The traditional secondhand record market dealer. Boxes and boxes of old LP's sectioned beautifully in to genres so I was not ploughing through endless Showaddywaddy or Gene Pitney to find a gem. There was also a large selection of CD's and DVD's which I didn't browse.
I managed to find an old Here & Now 7"EP; "Dog In Hell" and the picture disc version of the B.Movie LP "The Dead Good Tapes" and both for a tenner.
I visited a few charity shops in the City, but most vinyl was of classic sorts, to be expected I suppose.
If visiting Cambridge and it is Market Day, head for The Guildhall (signposted as Tourist Information Centre) and you'll find Pete.

1+2 : Pete's stall in Cambridge.


  1. Hi Steve, sorry you couldn't find Spaceward Studios on your recent visit to Cambridge It was located in (beneath actually) Victoria Street on the corner of Clarendon St opposite the Clarendon Arms pub. Lots of pictures and info here - - can I ask... what's your interest? Did you record there? Hope to hear. Best regards, Mark (webmaster)

  2. Sorry about that - should have used spoolcheck!
    No, I didn't record at Spaceward. Spaceward was a major studio to me, back in the day! A mark of quality was the legend "Recorded At Spaceward" on the back of the sleeve, be it Scrits or Mekons or countless others - just would have been lovely to see the place.Next time, eh? Thanks for writing.