Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Carlos Giffoni + Cornucopia

Just managed to get a copy of the split cassette by Carlos Giffoni and Cornucopia. Limited to 50 copies and released by the Puerto Rican label Sonora. This is the first Puerto Rican released item in my collection. There are no titles, in fact the cassette is titled "Untitled" in the Sonora discography. (
The tape is a C10. 5-A-Side. Cassingle. Lovely stuff.
Giffoni presents a slow-droned loop with electronics weaving in and out creating a wall of beautiful nodding noise. It is a lovely 5 minute piece. I have a split LP by Giffoni/Dilloway and a 7" on UK label Harbinger Sound, and now this - and not a bum note on any, I shall have to investigate more in 2011. I wish I could say the same about Cornucopia but their untitled 5 minutes is noise-by-numbers and hits no buttons with me. A piece created from a live performance by Giffoni in San Juan back in 2005, this could be Napalmed, Government Alpha, Bizarre Uproar. Indistinguishable, but on the good side - a C10 doesn't take long to rewind.
A treasured Giffoni track is worth the six dollars and if there are any left I say - buy now!

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