Sunday, 2 January 2011

2010 - Has It Been A Good Year?

Here is a list of what came into Hartop Towers last year. "Has it been a good year"? Re-united with some old gems and found some new exciting sounds, so no complaints! Again Tamsin thinks it is too much....but I still think "too much is not enough":

Alfarmania "Bottenskrapet" LP (Autarkeia)
Antichildleague & Silent Abuse "She Lost Control" 7" (Hagshadow)
Architects Office "353" Tape (Audiofile Tapes)
Astral Social Club "Capitals Collapsed" Tape (Neon Blossom)
Astral Social Club "#21" CDr (Astral Social Club)
Astral Social Club "Happy Horses" CD (Happy Prince)
Astronaut "Prayer For Mitnick" 3"CDr (Field Studies)
Attestupa "Begraven Mot Norr" LP (Release The Bats)
Baraclough "Vulpus Vulpus" (Beartown Records)
BBBlood "BBBlood" (Beartown Records)
BBBlood "Molecular Beam Epitaxy" Tape (Trans-Dimensional Sushi)
BBBlood "Experiment 50" CDr (Trans-Dimensional Sushi)
BBBlood "Lazar House" Tape (Soundholes)
Jacques Beloeil/Michael Anacker "30" CD (Entr'acte)
Bestializer "Random Threats" Tape (K-Hole)
Bestializer "Penal Harm" Tape (Sexcrime Arts)
Bestializer/Rumination "Split" Tape (Thorax Harsh)
Birds Of Delay/Family Battle Snake "Split" 7" (Tome Records)
Jan Borno "Dit Is Voor Jouw" CDr (No Label)
Andreas Brandal "Shipwrecks" Tape (Licht Und Stahl)
Andreas Brandal "Sunken Gardens" CDr (Apollolaan Recordings)
Andreas Brandal "A History Of Labyrinths" CDr (Basses Frequences)
Duncan Bruce "New Glass Tapu" (LF Records)
Budrus "Devyniems Rytams Austant" CD (No Label)
Burial Hex "Bagirwa Hymn" LP (Von Archives)
Burial Hex "Fantasma Di Perarolo" Tape (Brave Mysteries)
Burial Hex "Initiations" DLP (Aurora-B)
Burial Hex "The Tower" 7" (Release The Bats)
Busratch "Tokei Nikki" LP (RRR Records)
Neil Campbell/Campbell Kneale "Neil Campbell/Campbell Kneale" CD (Celebrate Psi Phenomenon)
Neil Campbell & John Clyde-Evans "Live At Transmission Gallery, Glasgow" CDr (Chocolate Monk)
Cementimental "Point!" CDr (No Label)
Cementimental "Molecramp" 3"CDr (Jeshimoth)
Andrew Chalk "Vega" CD (Faraway Press)
Andrew Chalk "East Of The Sun" CD (Faraway Press)
Cheapmachines "Secede" CD (Entr'acte)
Cloama/Mutant Ape "Dementia" 7"+CDr (Turgid Animal Records)
Club Moral "Lonely Weekends" 7" (Dead Mind Records)
Andrew Coltrane/Andreas Brandal "AC/AB" CDr (Twilight Luggage)
Column One/IDPA/MZ 142 "Live Action/Voodoo Bumble Bee" LP (Tourette)
Contrastate "i" Tape (Direction Music)
John Cooper Clarke "Snap, Crackle And Bop" LP (Epic Records)
The Cortinas "Punk Rock Anthology" CD (Anagram Records)
Current 93 "Haunted Waves,Moving Graves" LP (Coptic Cat)
Current 93 "Time Of The Last Persecution" 7" (Durtro/Jnana Records)
Dachise "Sugar Path" 7" (Tochnit Aleph)
Dead Pilots "Dead Pilots" CDr (No Label)
Deaf School "English Boys/Working Girls" LP (Warner Brothers Records)
Deviation Social "From Begining To End:Volume 1" LP (Dias Records)
Aaron Dilloway "Boggs Volume 2" CD (Hanson Records)
Aaron Dilloway "Concealed" LP (No Fun Productions)
Aaron Dilloway "Hatched Eggs" LP&3"CD (Hanson Records)
Aaron Dilloway "Door With No Handle" CDr (Chocolate Monk)
Aaron Dilloway/Carlos Giffoni "Live At No Fun Fest 2007" LP (No Fun Productions)
Doctor Mix "No Fun" 7" (Rough Trade Records)
John Duncan "River In Flames" CD (Anckarstrom)
Mark Durgan With Spoils & Relics "All Mistakes Straightened" Tape (Mantile)
Early Hominids "Bathz" 3"CDr (La Station Radar)
Early Hominids "Alkali/Dilate" Tape (Total Vermin)
Leif Elggren "The Kings Curve" Tape (Razzle Dazzle)
Emaciator "Possesive" Tape (Hanson Records)
Emaciator "Merit" Tape (Arbor)
Factor X "Directions" LP (Excrete Music)
Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim & Der Bekannte Post-Industrialle Trompeter "Toads And Bugs" 2x3"CD (White Rabbit Records)
Flaherty/Corsano/Yeh "Split" 7" (Krayon Recordings)
Floating Gardens/Slag Heap "Split" Tape (Field Studies)
Flutwacht "Breath" CDr (Mask Of The Slaves/The Tourette Tapes)
Flutwacht/Monoid Vs Stillsand "Hirn Milch/Into Nowhere" CDr (Symbolic Productions)
Fordell Research Unit "Heavy Petting" Tape (Krapp Tapes)
Genocide Organ "Archive One" 10"EP (Tesco Org)
Gerechtigkeits Liga/Gehern, Implosion "Centaurea Cyanus" 7" (Verstand Records)
Girnu Giesmes "Sau Krastas" CDr (No Label)
Glaxo Babies "The Porlock Factor" CD (Cherry Red Records)
Grey Park "Wet Amen" CDr (Luovaja)
Gummystumps "First EP" 7"EP (Watts Of Goodwill)
Duncan Harrison & Ian Murphy "A Divine Scrimmage" CDr (Rotten Slushy)
HATI "Die Mechanik Die" CD (Beast Of Prey)
Helm "To An End" LP (Altar/Peasant Magik)
Helm "Optimism" CDr (Trans-Dimensional Sushi)
Helm "Last Journey To Her Altar" Tape (Sick Head)
Hobo Sonn "Olde Smoake, Golden Shred" CDr (Rotten Sushy)
Human League "Holiday '80" 2x7" (Virgin Records)
Hunting Lodge "Shadows Out Of Time '82-'83" 3xLP+7" Box Set (Vinyl On Demand)
Iibiis Rouge "Eponymous" LP (Dekorder)
Iibiis Rouge "Pink Hybrid" CDr (Music Mundane/Winged Sun Records)
Incapacitants "Lon Guy" CD (Harbinger Sound)
Insomnia/Praying For Oblivion "Collaboration" CDr (Mandarangan)
Garnett James "Protect And Survive" CDr (LF Records)
David Jay & Rene Halkett "Nothing" 7" (4AD Records)
John The Postman "John The Postman's Peurile" CD (Overground Records)
Joined By Wire "Black Axis 1-4" CDr (LF Records)
Caroline K "Now Wait For Last Year" CD (Klanggalerie)
Korpses Katatonik "Subklinikal Leukotomy Aphrenia Spasmophilik Lyssophobo Asphyxia Sinister Lethal Avorex" Tape (Nekrophile Records)
LasHtal "Thoum Aeshneith" Tape (Nekrophile Records)
M. Stactor "Thrombling" 3"CDr (Disembraining Songs)
Magic Tits "Stit Cigam" 3"CDr (Disembraining Songs)
Maldur Altai "Alarm" 7" (Autarkeia)
Charles Manson "Inner Sanctum" 7" (Holy Terror/ATWA Records)
Militia "Live Provocation 1&2" Tape (Destructive Industries)
Moon Unit "New Sky Dragon" LP (Krayon Recordings)
N. Strahl. N "Grauholz" 3"CDr (Apocalyptic Radio)
N. Strahl. N "Transmitter" 2xTape (Deserted Factory/Licht Und Stahl)
N. Strahl. N + Mystified "Maschinenfungen" Tape (Licht Und Stahl)
Nurse With Wound "Memory Surface" CD (United Dirter)
Kristian Olsson "Att Vara Dar Jag Var Innen Jag Var Jag" LP (Nattmaran)
Onomatopoeia "Irrelevant" LP (The 7:17 From West Wittering Is Late Again)
Oorchach/Pogrom "Split" Tape (No label)
Orchestral Manouvres In The Dark "Messages" 7" (Dindisc Records)
Andy Ortmann "Provocative Electronics" LP (Pan-Act Records)
Para-Noise Terminal "Live Document" Tape (Raum 312)
Mark Perry "Snappy Turn" CD (The Borrowers Records)
Dave Phillips "They Live" LP (RRR Records)
Plurals "Six Eyes" CDr (No Label)
Pogrom "Liberal Cunt" Tape (Filth & Violence)
Praying For Oblivion "Turm Schweigen" CDr (Obscurex)
Preslav Literary School "Echolalia" LP (No-Fi)
Prurient "Roman" LP (Harbinger Sound)
Prurient "Crossbow" 7" (DotDotDot Music)
Prurient "Cocaine Death" CD (Hospital Productions)
Psychic TV "Just Drifting" 12"EP (Some Bizarre)
Psychic TV "Psychick Videos" DVD (Feral House)
Psychogeographical Commission "Patient Zero" CD (Acrobiotic)
Putrefier "Solar Dragging" LP (Noiseville Records)
Pyramids "Wvndrkmmer" 5xTape Box Set (Small Doses)
Ramleh "Hand Of Glory" 12"EP (Broken Flag/Harbinger Sound)
Jean Noel Rebilly + Cedric Lerouley "Leaving" CDr (CommA)
Red Electric Rainbow "Aerosol Hangover" CDr (No Label)
Rituals "Rituals" CDr (Cold Graey)
Henrik Rylander "Power Model X (Motherboard Drone Live)" CD (Ideal Recordings)
S*Core "Finger Mark" 7" (Drone Records)
S.P.I.T.E. "Violence" 12"EP (Harbinger Sound)
Schrage Musik/Antichildleague "Eternity/III Me, Me, Me" 7" (Schrage Musik)
Schuster "Breaking Down Into His Own Oblivion" CDr (Adeptsound)
Schuster "1-5 Microns" CDr (Adeptsound)
Sinking Ships "Dream" 7" (Recession Records)
Six Heads "Snuffles" CDr (Disembraining Songs)
Space Weather "The Weather's Maiden" 3"CDr (Apollolaan Recordings)
Splintered "Nothing" 7"EP (Shock Records)
Spoils & Relics "A.O.N." Tape (Mantile)
Spoils & Relics/brb>Voicecoil "Split" LP (Harbinger Sound)
Strahlenzentrum "Zentralebene" CDr (Licht Und Stahl)
Strom E.C. "Divine Legions Beyond Psyche" (Malignant Records)
Subklinik "Musik For Dekompositiones" Tape (No Visible Scars)
Textured Bird Transmissions "Blazing Animal Faces" CDr (Dead Sea Liner)
Textured Bird Transmissions/Nackt Insecten "Split" LP (No Label)
Throbbing Gristle "20 Jazz Funk Greats" CD (Mute Records)
Tiny Lights "Flowers Through the Air" 12"EP (Temple Records)
The Universal Indians + Neil Campbell "Live" CDr (Music Mundane)
Vacio Perfecto "Geographica Interiore" CDr (Licht Und Stahl)
Various Artists "Antibiothis Volume 3" CD+Book (Antibiothis)
Various Artists "Archive One" CD+Book (90% Wasser)
Various Artists "Atlantic Waves 2006" CD (Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation)
Various Artists "Bacterium" CD (Adeptsound)
Various Artists "Encyclopedia Of Industrial Music Volume 1" 2xCD+Book (Impulsy Stetoskopu)
Various Artists "Encyclopedia Of Industrial Music Volume 2" CD+Book (Impulsy Stetoskopu)
Various Artists "Night Science 4" CD+Magazine (Cipher Productions)
Various Artists "Our Generation" CD+Book (Days Like Tomorrow)
Various Artists "Squeezing Being Issue 2" CDr (Wholeness Recordings)
Various Artists "Stahlerne Lichter" CD (Licht Und Stahl)
Various Artists "The Beat Is The Law" DVD (Sheffield Vision)
Various Artists "Viva Negativa Volume One" CD (At War With False Noise)
Wolf Eyes "Always Wrong" CD (Hospital Productions)
Wounded Knee "Wounded Knee" CDr (No Label)
Nate Young "Half Full" 7" (DotDotDot Music)
Yrsel "Requiem For The 3 Khanites" CD (Aurora Borealis)
Z.O.Voider "Perpendicular Groove" Tape (Hanson Records)
Za Siodma Gora "This Is My Dream" 7" (Obuh Records)


  1. Magic Tits is a great name for a band.

  2. Tamsin is obviously wrong though - you can never have enough records.
    All the best for 2011 Steve.