Sunday, 14 November 2010


Just spent a pleasant while listening to "Penal Harm" by Bestializer. A new C40 cassette release from the Sexkrime Arts label. This was my first hearing of Bestializer, the (almost) new project from Joakim Karlsson Kuren formerly known as Karmanjakan Intonarumori, Ju;X and former member of Survival Unit.
Joakim's releases as Karmanjakan Intonarumori were really the dog's bollocks in the mid-00's. His CDr "Vermin Vortex Futura" release in 2004 on the Karmanjakanintonarumoriprodukt label is a top 20 decade release. Low drone rumblings with lots of space and interesting vocal samples that looped throughout the tracks - like old school "industrial".
"Penal Harm" brings to mind electronics by Survival Unit ("Fentanyl Martyrs" is a must too), Genocide Organ and The Haters. A murky swamp of noise loops and hooks that drive along at great speed and power. Excellent stuff played loud. Despite the track listing the tape plays like two long tracks. Unforgiving, compelling and essential PE.
I've a couple more Bestializer cassette releases to get through...looking forward.
Contact Joakim and get a copy: (It is that easy)....

1+2: "Penal Harm" Sleeve.

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