Friday, 30 July 2010


Just spent a pleasant while listening to the latest release from the Australian Adeptsound label : Schuster "1-5 Microns". A CDrEP.
I have mentioned the work of Schuster before on this blog earlier in the year - ex member of Dieter Muh, IBF, Zilverhill etc - and now producing stuff under his own moniker.
I like this EP. It is definitely set in "old school". It sounds like Cabaret Voltaire in the mid 1980's IF they hadn't signed to Some Bizarre/Virgin/Phonogram but had gone with On-U Sound. It sounds like Cosmonauts Hail Satan on that "White Trash Motherfuckers" compilation CD - and as we all know the CHS tracks were the only decent contributors to that dire project.
5 tracks weave in and out of beats, thuds, pulses and drones (not rhythm, there's no rhythm here) with interchangeable voice samples that could be from "Wiseblood", "Night Of The Living Dead" or "Blood Feast" but more than likely aren't. It is a beauty of a listen and needs to reach more ears than it ever will. It's a 10"EP crying for a release.
Go to the Adeptsound website (just google Adeptsound) and discover......You'll be thanking me by Christmas.

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