Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Iibiis Rooge

Another release from the ubiquitous Neil Campbell. This time a collaborative project with a person (or persons unknown) called High Wolf. I had no idea this project existed, I was just innocently browsing Astral Social Club releases on Discogs and this title came up!
I have no idea what Iibiis Rooge means. Something mystical? Shamanic? Magickal? The name appeals though, and anything that has Neil on board has to be listened to - apart from the A Band whom I have a little problem with - but that, as Hammy Hamster used to say "is another story".

The LP kicks off with the Soviet France-esque titled "Skirling Birl". Sounds like some spastick eurodiscko motorik a la Kraftwerk, driving musick and an excellent opening. The rest of the LP drops rhythm for pulse and driftwood and (as I sat on my sofa listening) took my mind wandering in to all different kinds of areas and memories. An excellent journey. The sound is essentially Astral Social Club (no mistake), and it is top notch Astral Social Club. Limited to god knows how many, this is essential.
The LP is a follow up to a CDr relaese by Iibiis Rooge released last year called "Pink Hybrid". I have the CDr too - yet to listen though as the LP is stuck on the hi-fi for a few days yet.....

I got my copy from Neil (Showbiz connections etc), but I am certain Second Layer (UK) or RRR (USA) will have copies.

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