Sunday, 28 March 2010


One of the gifts for playing the Ivy House last weekend was a 3" CDr by Cementimental. Apart from a few seconds blast from his MySpace site I must say I hadn't heard any of this project. From what I can gather Cementimental (excellent name) is the solo project of Tim Drage, noise maker extraordinaire and manic noise board forum poster.
3 tracks @ nineteen minutes. "Module Oakery,Module Foci" opens and sounds like a Putrefier track of old, something from the "Simulated Vapours" era Putrefier. Random electronics, noise splurges and EQ Wizardry. I think it is called "circuit bending" - but don't quote me! A random burst from an outraged Clanger made me smile. The next 2 pieces: "Ping Titan Wolves" & "Pigum" are more in the solid wall of noise vein. Think M:S:B:R. Govt. Alpha and still retaining that Putrefier vibe. What it reminded me of was like a sonic recording of someone experiencing a luge ride in the Winter Olympics....(If that makes sense)? A contact mic' in the helmet type of recording.
I played it loud. It's a good listen. I don't have much stuff like this and this was very much appreciated on a wet Sunday afternoon. Limited to 50 copies on the (new to me) Jeshimoth Entertainment label. (American). Well worth hunting down if any of the above names mentioned are your bag.

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  1. Thanks for the review, glad you enjoyed! Will send that recording some time soon, haven't had the chance to attack the huge pile of recent live minidisks just yet...