Monday, 15 March 2010

Andreas Brandal

Just got a package through from the excellent German label Licht Und Stahl, amongst the tapes and CD's was "Shipwrecks" by Andreas Brandal. Spun this one first as Andreas is a new name to me and after reading his biog. I see that I am (as ever) a little behind the times. Andreas being active for about 20 years and COE of the Twilight Luggage label. (Of whom I have heard but posses nought).
Recorded towards the end of last year, what we have here is a concept / ambient album. There is no story or reason why Andreas has recorded an album based on shipwrecks enclosed, but ... the sounds are evocative of the sea. With distant bells and the sound of creaking wood and sea-lapping shores all in the mix it does become pretty obvious. The Camberwell Now did a similar thing with their "Meridians" EP. But I played this very loud this afternoon and it is a pleasant listen, the title track itself being a long acoustic guitar loop with shifting sounds coming to the fore and retreating to swill around the room, quite cosmic stuff.
Another fine release from Licht Und Stahl, a label that is becoming highly collectable due to quality of their output. I shall keep an eye out for further Andreas Brandal releases.....

1: "Shipwrecks" sleeve.
2: Andreas Brandal.

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