Sunday, 16 February 2014

Peter Fengler & De Player / Killerlady

Whilst searching through some old files I found these pictures from an exhibition by Peter Fengler & Killerlady. Last October I played The Elefant in Bremen, and helped out with things .. the P.A. came courtesy of Spedition, a small gallery / space in Gūterbahnhof. Whilst collecting the speakers, stands etc I browsed the exhibition - not ever having heard of either artists (OK - I claim my ignorance) I was quite simply bowled over by the presentation & art. Peter with his one-off lathe cut vinyl and Killerlady, with his (their) loop works and droning keyboard. Fascinating stuff - I unfortunately missed the Fengler performance by a couple of days … It took place at the top of a small set of stairs and was (allegedly) quite amazing. These pictures (only 6 I am afraid) bring that visit back - I also bought a limited flexi disc - I've played it on the radio …

1-3: Peter Fengler & De Player.
4-6: Killerlady "1 Im Bild".

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