Saturday, 8 February 2014

Feral Debris Tape! Cheapmachines / Dieter Müh


Cheapmachines/Dieter Müh split C50 tape out now.

The long delayed Cheapmachines and Dieter Müh split tape is now upon us. The Cheapmachines side is a writhing wall of precise noise, intricate and pummeling in equal measures. With recent releases on discerning labels such as En'tracte and The Tapeworm Phil Julian has created a pretty impressive body of work of late and this slab only adds to it.
The Dieter Müh side is a (good quality) live recording of his set from the now infamous Rammel Weekender in 2012. Try and imagine Luc Ferrari's 'Presque Rien' relocated to the puke drenched streets of a Nottingham Saturday night with all the jollity, paranoia and threats of imminent violence that that entails.
Cover photograph by Steve Cammack. Pro-duped blue cassettes with insert. Limited to 80 copies.

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