Sunday, 14 April 2013

Trepaneringsritualen #4

Preparing myself for tomorrow nights gig in Exeter, Devon with Human Larvae, Anemone Tube and Trepaneringsritualen, I have been immersing myself in their of the pile is the new 7" single by Trepaneringsritualen. "Judas Goat" was released a few weeks ago by excellent Swedish label Fang Bomb. "Judas Goat" is the ideal sampler for the sound of Trepaneringsritualen. It is constructed like a "pop" song with verse chorus verse chorus build and lasts just three and a half (or so) minutes. An instant classic. "Judas Goat"...a throbbing pulsebeat and howling wolf screams (all low key), then a mechanical snare break (sounds like a Roland Drumatix) and chaos reigns with feedback and indecipherable vocals,before returning to the throbbing pulsebeat and wolf howls (could be hunting horns). This is a pattern that repeats three times before I said, a beautifully constructed 7" single. The B side is "Didymus Christ". I don't know much about the bible but I think Didymus was translated to Thomas in the King John version. (Please note: I could be way off here) and Trepaneringsritualen is the solo project of Thomas Ekelund, so .. "Didymus Christ" is the "weaker" track, again falling into the ideal 7" construct. With the sound of sharpening knives reversed and a rhythm that would not be amiss on a 1970's SPK bootleg Trepaneringsritualen sound like Con-Dom. The vocal hook I think is "My Words...Your Salvation". (Very Con-Dom).
This is a great single, a great slab of vinyl - white vinyl too! The picture sleeve opens out into a poster of the crucified Christ, I would have preferred a lyric sheet!  
Undoubtedly limited, try for a copy.
And so onto tomorrow night ...

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