Sunday, 7 April 2013

Burial Hex #7

After the disappointment of the "Six Wings" LP and double cassette that the Nostilevo label put out last year I vowed to curtail my Burial Hex listening. "Six Wings" was a great let down after the "For Granted Was His Will" cassette on Sangoplasmo. All lo-fi sludge and drudge, it seemed totally unnecessary, I could not quite understand what Clay (Ruby...Mr. Burial Hex) was trying to achieve or project. The 7" single "Bach Eingeschaltet...Funfter Band" on the German Reue Um Reue label was too tempting though. Clear green vinyl. I love coloured vinyl. Limited to 200 copies and going quite cheaply direct from label.
Two tracks with a completely "new" sound. A new sound for Burial Hex that is. "Fantasie" kicks off Side A(after). Great orchestral timpani manoeuvres awaken the beast. The growling all starts off very Laibach before morphing into sequencer lead techno, again with a nod to the old sound of say Crash Course In Science or Duet Emmo. Clever stuff .. more tappy toe than dancey. Side B (before) gives us "...Und Fuge". Fast edited sequencer patterns immediately put me in mind of Phil Glass's "Koyaanisqatsi" soundtrack, before (again) morphing / evolving into a techno beat / rhythm with the beast settling beneath it all. By the end it has all lost the plot and descended into chaos with some "mad organist" style keyboards.
Excellent stuff, excellent single with a sound I hope Burial Hex explore.
Visit and buy before they all sell out.

1: Burial Hex "cloth" that came with the "Six Wings" LP
2: Burial Hex 7" Picture Sleeve.