Sunday, 7 April 2013

Spoils And Relics

Managed to pick up this 7" single on one of my stealth and mistral trips to the East Midlands. "Turner" by Spoils & Relics is only available at The Chameleon Arts Centre in Nottingham. No mail order, no shops...just over the bar of one of Nottingham's finest.
The sleeve reminds me of an old punk 7" or even (bizarrely...but I can't help it) a single by The Wedding Present. It hides the sounds that lie therein.
Tape is manually handled through magnetic heads, 1970's synthesizers are plundered, toys are smashed, a right handed man blows a left handed tuba, Radio 2 is a constant, varispeed knobs are twiddled and conversations on the Leeds to Batley night bus are illicitly taped and played back through a multitude of effects. This all happens over two sides of untitled vinyl. I have been spinning at 33rpm ... it probably sounds completely different at 45.
Spoils & Relics are masters of their trade, manipulating and collaging found sounds and built instruments into a beautiful / fascinating audio documentary.
They are regulars at the Chameleon Arts Centre, especially on Rammel Club nights, hence this releases exclusivity.

Whilst I was about I joined the "Harbinger Sound Executive Club" .. the first club I have joined since signing up to be a member of the Gloria Mundi Fan Club.

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