Friday, 7 December 2012

Feral Tapes

Have just spent a pleasant while listening to the debut release from Feral Tapes. Feral Tapes are an off-shoot from Feral Debris magazine. They have started with a brace of releases, a double CDr by Aqua Dentata and a split cassette from Ekoplekz and Ensemble Skalectrik. (Catalogue number Feral 001). 
Ekoplekz is the project of Bristol based electronic composer Nick Edwards. His style for Ekoplekz is Electro-Dub (for the want of a better description), not deep bass dub...more in the area of recent Nocturnal Emissions releases or old Zenopede tracks..involved and intricate. Ekoplekz present five pieces that range from complete item "Ekonomikal-G" to tracks that sound like work in progress / sketch pieces, "Militant Tendency". It is a C40 tape and the 20 minutes presented here make me want to hear more Ekoplekz.
Research tells me that Ensemble Skalectrik is also the work of Nick Edwards. "The Bianchi Code" is a twenty minute soundscape, a homage to the work of Mr. Bianchi. Maurizio not Kenneth. It does play and sound like how I remember the sound of MB ~ all I have at the moment is an old copy of the "Industrial Murder/Menstrual Bleeding" LP that Banned Production put out twenty years ago (great song). Drifting alien soundtracks colliding with white noise and feedback. It has made me feel like digging out that old LP!
This is an excellent tape, and a great debut release from a UK label that has to be watched. I have the Aqua Dentata release too ... The tape is limited to 75 copies only, it is pro-dubbed with nice thick J-Card designed by Daniel Ward. (He does the posters for The Rammel Club events in Nottingham). Go to and get a copy for around £6 all in.
Looking at the blog, there are upcoming releases from Cheapmachines, BBBlood and Dale Cornish so it is well worth a browse.

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