Saturday, 8 December 2012

Births, Deaths & Marriages #4. 2012

I have reached an age I never thought I would be. Today is the day I turned fifty, and the kids bought me a Lust For Youth CD album ... The humour is not lost on me! Bloody good album too. I also got a John Peel Sessions double CD "1977-1979" and some bits and bobs, a lovely lunch at the Venus Cafe on Blackpool Sands (just South of Dartmouth), if you are down this way I thoroughly recommend - they do veggie and vegan meals. Here's to the next fifty.....


  1. birthday greets & salutations! i know that cafe on the beautiful blackpool sands, they do a tasty tofu burger. was great to see you at the schimpfluch carnival... enjoy the rest of your evening, nifty fifty ;) x

    1. happy birthday steve! sure you said you were my age?! anyway, nice one!

  2. Oh and I'm glad you're enjoying the LFY album.

  3. Belated salutations Herr Cammack!