Friday, 19 October 2012

MuhMur (SoundArt Broadcast 18/10/2012)

Last night saw the second "MuhMur" broadcast on SoundArt Radio. It was streamed live on the SoundArt website - and thanks to all who listened. Last night show was the first in a series of "Harbinger Sound Specials". Two hours of sound and music from UK's finest label, not too certain when the next special will be ... but it was fun! Next programme will be on November 1 at 21:00.

1: Family Battle Snake : "Utopian Mirror" (from the LP "Glass Face Island") 2010.
2: Contagious Orgasm : "Under The Wire Head" (from the LP "Impregnate Mannequin") 1997.
3: Ideas Beyond Filth : "Ka" (from the 12"EP "I.B.F.") 2008.
4: Raionbashi + Kutzkelina : "Aktion 091216" (from the LP of the same name) 2011.
5: Incapacitants : "Go!" (from the CD "Lon Guy") 2009.
6: Mo*Te : "Wet Room" (from the lathe cut 12" "Chlorodyne").
7: Storm Bugs : "Mesh Of Wire.
8: Storm Bugs : "Objective"
9: Storm Bugs : "Car Situations"
(All Storm Bugs tracks from the LP "A Safe Substitute") 2011.
10: Dieter Muh : "Bethlehem" (from the 4xC40 cassette compilation "Eight") 2007.
11: Ramleh : "Anything Is Mine" (from the 8xCD box set "Awake!") 2012.
12: Carlos Giffoni : "Resignation Letter" (from the 7" of the same name) 2008.
13: Pseudo Existors : "Pseudo Existence" (from the LP "Stamp Out Normality!") 2006.
14: The Ceramic Hobs : "Blackpool Transport"
15: The Ceramic Hobs : "Raven"
(All Ceramic Hobs tracks from the 7"EP "Shaolin Master") 2002.
16: Smell & Quim : "A Soldering Iron Down The Urethra" (from the 4xLP compilation "...And The Vultures Miss Nothing) 2005.
17: Cheapmachines : "Safeword" (from the split 7" with Family Battle Snake) 2008.   

Big thanks again to Dave Mutch the engineer who sailed the ship through the stormy parts by regaling me with stories of Alien Brains and old Throbbing Gristle gigs ... I have the radio programme on a memory stick and will endeavour to upload it on to Mixcloud very soon. (I shall leave a note under this paragraph when I have) ...

***** *****
For some reason, mixcloud will not let me upload as MuhMur so I have had to put this weeks show under my own name, for all the followers of MuhMur profile - please change to this new profile - ta! 

1: The New Studio.
2: Dave The Engineer.
3: I am (still) a DJ!

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