Tuesday, 2 October 2012

A Message From Dave Phillips

this writing is to inform you of bad experiences me and others had with samuel lequette/nuun records.

samuel released an album of mine ('suara alam indonesia') in february this year.

he talked about a release on CD. when i got the release it was on CDR.

he had promised me "50 to 100" artist copies. by august i had only received 15.

when i asked about this, he mostly didn't reply.

before the release, in the process of talking album details and putting together artwork, samuel would usually reply within a day or two.

since the release of the album, he hardly replied anymore and if he did it would be excuses, like "i will write properly soon" and "i will send you copies next week".
he more or less repeated saying that, from march until august.

i got upset. and fed up.

when i sent him an ultimatum, he chose not to respond to it.
i also sent him a note forbidding him any further sale/trade/distribution of this album and asked him to tell all his distributors to return their copies. furthermore i asked him to destroy all copies of this album.

he responded, after another couple of emails of mine later, with the usual: "i will write properly next week".

in august i wrote to some people i knew who also had to do with nuun records.

as it turned out, both aspec(t) and francisco lopez had similar experiences and were also waiting for promised copies of their respective albums.

jerome noetinger, of metamkine (main distributor of nuun records), responded and offered to take care of the whole mess.

he gave samuel an ultimatum until the end of august to send him album copies of the albums that samuel promised but never sent.

sometimes during september jerome was able to tell me that he got 23 copies of my album for me, but was still waiting for the rest, that were "waiting for sleeves".

plus, i heard that apparently a few customers who bought directly from samuel/nuun never received their CDs!


in the course of this, jerome concluded that he would cease work with samuel and nuun records.

so here's my warning and request to you: do not to deal with samuel lequette and nuun records in any way.

please pass help spread the word. to anyone who might be concerned or interested, distributors, record shops, mailorders or artists alike.

please help make sure that no one ever deals with this guy again, that no artist ever releases anything on his label/s again.

thanks & all the best

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