Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Have just spent a pleasant while listening to the latest release by Tinnitistimulus, the superbly titled "Aluminium Gly". The release is a C30 cassette tape and self-released. Pro dubbed and available through the Tinnitustimulus blogspot.
Aluminium zirconium tetrachlorohydrex gly is a neurotoxin millions rub on themselves everyday as a way to block their pores. Deformation of the brain for a social etiquette. That's what it says on the "promo blurb" .. sound sources for the album include eaten tape and broken machinery and was all recorded under sewer water. Interesting. The tape opens with a mutated piece of chamber music and it does give the experience of listening underwater. (An underwater experience would come in handy). The mute-tated sound slowly grows into low rumble and controlled amp noise...this then layers and slowly grows into chaos. The piece ends on what I thought sounded like a Jamacian steel drum band on LSD. It is an interesting sound that I have played a few times over the past couple of days..Side two starts where side one left off with treated metal and found sound being thrown about the speakers. Again (like side one) there is a slow build to a wall of concrete noise, fast flowing sonic noise - like being thrown into a wind tunnel and being asked to listen to The New Blockaders, there are Mnem records from the 1990's that sound like this. After a slow respite the wall is rebuilt with wailing siren feedback and shifting scree. Scraping the bottom of the sewer?

Tinnitustimulus is the solo project of Tom Bennett, a noise/performance artist from Bath, New York. This is my second experience of Tom's sound (after the split tape with BBBlood) and I'm growing to like a lot - a 7"EP is (hopefully) the next step. "Aluminium Gly" is well worth a listen, and if you like the work of Cheapmachines or Duncan Harrison or The Rita then this tape will be a must.

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