Monday, 13 January 2014


This lovely tape came through the letter box the other day. It is by Finnish project Rynda. I know little about this group other than it contains Toni Kopi of Kattoripoika fame. Some of my favourite sounds over the past few years have come from Kattoripoika. The split releases with Re-Clip and Deva Planeta being amongst the finest ..
Rynda have a fresh sound. The instrument "line-up" from what i can gather is drums, analog synthesisers and sequencers and keyboards. As with most of the sounds that is produced by the Suomi Underground Rynda are very hard to pin down … The cassette is built of live improvisations. There are  quirky moments, cognitive moments and a few times where the drums and keys "do battle". Lots of para diddles and doodles. It has a sound that could quite easily be filed under Post-Prog Kraut Jazz Fusion Rock. (Although maybe not the rock). At times it could sound like Aavikko, and there's a moment on Side A when it all sounds close to Section 25 when they were looking from a hilltop. (Section 25 being the masters of "improv" - citing "Key Of Dreams" LP as exhibit A).
10-12 years ago I used to buy / collect releases on the Finnish Verdura label. Ektroverde, Can Can Heads, Hinageshi Bondage and Kroku. Kroku were Finnish Avant-Garde free improvisational jazz rock. Listening to this tape made me play the Kroku CD "Furia" for the first time in bloody years.

I don't think this hour long cassette is an "official" release, just a demo of sorts but I don't think it will be long before Rynda have something out - is a release on Hyster Tapes likely?
If you like Avant-Garde Free Improvisational Jazz Electro then get in touch with Rynda! There's a n E Mail address on the sleeve: Recommended.

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