Friday, 24 January 2014

MuhMur SoundArt Broadcast 23:01:2014

After the five hour festive programme and the Column One special comes the first "play what I bloody well like" broadcast of the year … slightly hexed. Must be the 23rd and all that. About twenty minutes or so into the programme and the transmission went down - FM and Internet. Studio engineer and technician supreme Dave Mutch had to go out in the freezing and driving rain that was coming off the moors, climb halfway up the transmission mast and fix the problem - with only blu-tac and half a bottle of industrial strength cider!
This was also my last "dry" programme. Giving up alcohol (for charity) in January has not been a pleasure. (Note can of disgusting 0.0% Bavaria on the console desk - doesn't mind if I spill it … it's non-alcoholic). I am back on Feb 20 murmuring and slobbering like a good 'un. There is a programme listed for February 6 but I am going to see Alex Horne in Exeter that night, hopefully I'll get time to pre-record a show … if not … they'll probably just play a repeat - I'll keep you updated.

01: Wolf Eyes : "Untitled" (Hanson Records/Chondritc Sound/RRRecords) 2009
02: Dome : "Madmen" (Dome Records) 1980
03: The Cold Once Turning Dust : "Tri@baal" (Demonosound/Powerwave Unlimited) 1996
04: Gerechtigkeits Liga : "Controlled Europe" (Old Europa Café) 2008
05: W>A>S>P>S : "Gong Air" (Smell The Stench) 2013
06: b∘tong : "Stasis Field" (Greytone) 2014
07: b∘tong : "Processed"  (Greytone) 2014
08: Inade : "Nomina Nuda Tenemus" (Loki Foundation) 2012
09: Inade : "The Engine Of Inferno" (Loki Foundation) 2012
10: Inade : "Metaspheres" (Loki Foundation) 2012
11: Inade : "Divine Hybrid" (Loki Foundation) 2012
12: Benito Mussolini : "Archive Recording" (90% Wasser) 2005
13: Cabaret Voltaire : "Do The Mussolini (Headkick)" (Rough Trade Records) 1978
14: Clock DVA : "Moments" (Fetish Records) 1981
15: Daniel Thomas & Kevin Sanders : "Cosmic Jam #1" (Cherry Row Recordings) 2013
16: Con-Dom : "Fuck With Faith" (Self Abuse Records) 1996
17: Sleaford Mods : "McFlurry" (Harbinger Sound) 2013
18: The Vincent Units : "Carnival Song" (Y Records) 1981
19: Hirsute Puruit (feat Boyd Rice) : "Boys Keep Swinging" (Cold Spring Records) 2012
20: NON : "Out Out Out" (Mute Records) 1997
21: Michael Esposito/Kevin Drumm : "Echoic Memory" (Fragment Factory) 2010

The programme is available for listening. Please copy & paste :

Thank you.

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  1. Great show Steve, thanks for giving one of our Cosmic Jams a spin...