Sunday, 25 September 2016

Maurizio Bianchi

M.B. Maurizio Bianchi is one of those artists who I like what I have heard but have not heard enough … 
I first came across the name M.B. back in the early 1980's when I bought a copy of the Leibstandarte SS.MB 12" "Triumph Of The Will". 99 pence, secondhand in the Notting Hill Gate Record + Tape Exchange. I bought it for the name / title alone not realising it was the work of Steve Stapleton, Whitehouse or M.B. 
But back in the early 1980's, in Lincoln, it was very hard to get to hear or purchase releases by M.B. There was no immediate outlet, it was even hard to get hold of the magazines to get contacts to write away for the releases. A certain amount of effort was required and a lot of releases / artists / projects got missed. Last week I bought the latest 7"EP by John Duncan and I certainly throw him in to this category, releasing a multitude of "must hear / must have" vinyl + tapes but either missing the release altogether or spending money on more obtainable stuff. Taking the trip to Selectadisc in Nottingham. 
Pre-Internet days and I only ever saw one M.B. album in the racks of my local record store. I bought a copy of "Industrial Murder/Menstrual Bleeding" from Red Rhino Records in York. 1992. And now the whole M.B. cannon is available on the world wide web, direct from labels or secondhand through sites like Discogs … but where do I start? Like John Duncan, I would love to hear and have it all .. but where do I begin? 

My knowledge of Maurizio Bianchi is pretty slim. Italian noise maker who was involved in the aforementioned brilliant Leibstandarte SS.MB 12" and had a cracking track on the Broken Flag compilation "Neuengamme" (1982). "Industrial Murder/Menstrual Bleeding" is still industrial noise - quite lo-fi but mesmeric. There were articles declaring he was part of an Italian Fascist Movement, there were reports of him being a born again christian and denouncing his past, and he has retired more times than Frank Sinatra. A man of mystery. 
Last week I managed to get a copy of the latest M.B. release, the CD album "Mikromusicha" on Belgian label EE Tapes. I had no pre-conception towards its' sound. No idea what M.B. sounds like in 2016. 

The term MIKROMUSICHA means that branch of the sound world that deals with infinitesimal molecules interact with the neuronal apparatus of the individual fully aware of its limitations. For its characteristic developing sound within the membranes of the linear modulation experimental, MIKROMUSICHA fits nicely with the deepest emotions and the intimate passions.I wanted to transfer the same feelings through five sections, finely machined, so as to bring the listener into the world of the most visceral spirituality, to his eternal benefit. - M. B.

Five pieces in just over an hours worth of sound. Starting with "Infinitesimo" starts the journey with a recording of spaces and echoes in a grand room. An orchestral choral drone floating around. Other noises interject - a great cracking of static electricity for example cuts right through the air. The sound is dramatic, religious and dramatic. 
The album moves along with a mechanical pace, factory production line sounds, high speed rattles. "Membrane" is what I imagine tinnitus to be like with treated high pitch bird song, and "Intimita' E Passioni" having a menacing three dimensional sound of dark empty streets, a ghostly atmosphere is built with a "what lurks beyond"? feel. "Spiritualia Viscerale" ends the album. The "mellowest" piece over the past fifty minutes. Muted sound that puts you listening from the inside of some glass container. 

A very pleasant listen that sets the mind and ears thinking. "Mikromusicha" is limited to 100 copies only and available through EE Tapes. Website is Easy. Certainly easier than it was in 1982. 
Now I want to hear "Symphony For A Genocide" and the collaboration with Cheapmachines .. 

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