Friday, 24 June 2016

MuhMur Radio SoundArt Radio Broadcast : 23/06/2016.

A bizarre evening all told, with the UK referendum etc. As I type this the people of the UK have spoken and the country moves in to a more right-wing position. Soon to be aligning ourselves with the Trumps + Le Pens of this world. I was going to buy a bunch of sounds this morning but the pound went do-lally and it was costing me £50 to buy an album from Germany. Crazy Nights (as Paul Stanley once said).
This programme is a grab bag, a smorgasbord of sounds including latest releases from Modelbau, Ashpa, PBK & Wolf Eyes and Karies. The Dieter Müh piece is an unreleased mix of the track "S.O.L.A.S." that appeared on the compilation album "Notre Dame #12 - The Final Edition" released by EE Tapes in 2000. This is a mix I did immediately after the piece was recorded. This used to happen a lot, as we would record tracks and I would take an immediate mix home to listen to and Dave Uden would take his time and add little nuances etc …
The Gerry & The Holograms / O Yuki Conjugate and 3rd Door From The Left tracks come from the new 4xCD compilation "Close To The Noise Floor" on Cherry Red. Very recommended if you are interested in UK electronics at the turn of the 1980's.

01: Ashpa : "Nedves Föld" (Geräuschmanufaktur) 2016.
02: Thu 20 : "Live (Winterswijk #4)" (Midas Tapes) 1987.
03: Minny Pops : "She Said Go Go Go" (Les Temps Modernes) 2003.
04: Modelbau : "Lost" (No Rent Records) 2016.
05: Beequeen : "EE EA" (Korm Plastics) 1999.
06: Modelbau : "Lament" (No Rent Records) 2016.
07: Dieter Müh : "Mühstam (The Findhorn Christ) (Not On Label) 1998.
08: PBK & Wolf Eyes : "Dark Reflection" (Sonoris) 2016.
09: MyTrip : "Ascend" (Amek/Serpent Eve Records/Mahorka) 2016.
10: Zoviet*France : "Gathering Breath" (Alt.Vinyl) 2013.
11: Zoviet*France : "Feezeling" (Alt.Vinyl) 2013.
12: Leda : "Clear" (I Dischi Del Barone) 2016.
13: Parabelles : "Krimiboy" (Ihretwegen) 2015.
14: Karies : "Ego" (Harbinger Sound/In A Car Records) 2016.
15: Gerry And The Holograms : "Gerry And The Holograms" (Cherry Red Records) 2016.
16: O Yuki Conjugate : "Sedation" (Cherry Red Records) 2016.
17: Third Door From The Left : "In The Room" (Cherry Red Records) 2016.
18: Aavikko : "Elysian Fields" (Full Contact Records/Ektro Records) 2016.

All pictures taken at the "new" SoundArt Radio studio.
01: The Banner.
02: The Board.
03: The Decks.
04: The View.
05: The Fridge.
06: The Remainian and The Brexiteer.


  1. Hyvää juhannusta! juri

    1. Kittos Juri …. Did package get to you??

  2. Just arrived home to the amazing parcel, thanks Steve! Will write a proper email soon.

  3. '...costing me £50 to buy an album...'

    Markets have stabilized...probably was a bullshit release anyhow...maybe someday you can buy it from a speculator well in excess of 50 pounds!

    '...the country moves in to a more right-wing position...'

    Labeling absolves people from having to think, and from having to prove anything. People adopt herd mentality based on labels...The human mind thinks in labels. Society runs on labels. People kill each other because of labels. So, when anyone attacks the LEAVE people with labels (“they are racists!”), IRONICALLY, you can be sure that the attackers are undoubtedly just as hate-filled.

  4. Thank you for your comments.
    The vinyl release is a limited edition box set thingy that is superb, well worth the coffers and will never be sold! Certainly not a bullshit release.

    I think the country has moved in to a more right wing position, what is your problem there? Am I wrong? I am confused, you obviously know what is happening. Do you have a blog where I can read your thoughts, manifest etc or do you just post on other peoples' blogs to tell them they are buying bullshit records and are full of hate towards people?

    I hope you enjoy the radio programme, thanks for listening.