Sunday, 20 July 2014

Edward Sol

Edward Sol "Adult Friend Finder" on Village Tapes. A C10. Five minutes a side, a cassingle if you like. A great little release from the Ukrainian label. Village Tapes may or may not be operated by Edward. I do know he operates Quasi-Pop, a label of fine cassette releases, and used to play in rock bands about 10 years ago … but now is a solo performer of "electronic" music.
"Adult Friend Finder" comprises of two pieces recorded earlier this year in Kiev (Kyiv) using Reel-To-Reel Tapes, Cassette Loops and Electronics. "Picnic" has a dark subterranean feel, insect and alien sounds that remind me of Lustmord in his "Monstrous Soul" period. It crescendos on a great organ drone. "Nightmusic" is a claustrophobic piece starting with an old classical recording - 4 notes on a piano looped that snap, crackle and pop and merge into the sound of machinery.
Two great imaginary soundscapes.
I have heard Edward Sol on a few compilations, I would love to hear a full length album, if anyone can recommend where to start.
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  1. Hi Steve: I recommend "Sun Storm Rampage" which I picked up through distribution via Monochrome Vision. Nice mixture of ambience, crackles, fleeting voices, environmental sounds, machine feedback, free form freak-outs and scathing noise melded into one continuous 45 minute work. Great eco-friendly packaging too.