Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Der 2te Freund

Last year I played a gig in Hamburg with (amongst others) Der Zwiete Freund. Der 2te Freund is the project of Bremen based musician Rolf. (I don't know his last name). I asked Rolf to provide material for a session for the MuhMur Radio Programme and he mailed a bunch of CDR's. Thank you Rolf - I plan to do a radio programme entitled "Bremen Nacht" very soon. I plan to play "Der Analoge Feindgef├╝hl" (the hostile analogue). This is an eighteen minute 3" CDR that doesn't seem to be on any label.
It all begins with an analogue sequencer pattern, and then the nightmare journey begins. This is a very visual / hallucinogenic piece. The construct is from half heard sentences, deep rain forest ambience - bird calls and insect swarms, train station announcements to destinations unknown, choirs - a great sense of paranoia as reversed and echoey conversations float around, it is just like losing consciousness as the grip of anaesthesia takes hold. There are noises from behind the door, laughs and screams and then the analogue sequencer pattern returns.
Brilliant stuff that deserves to be heard. www.der2tefreund.de Rolf also has a sound cloud page but the links are on his web site.
Please keep an eye on the MuhMur Radio programme Facebook page for the date of "Bremen Nacht".

01: Cover to "Der Analoge Feindgef├╝hl".
02: Der 2te Freunde on stage at Hamburg Gangerviertel. October 2013.

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