Sunday, 2 June 2013

Resound:SoundArt Festival. Penzance, June 2013


Interesting things happening in Cornwall this month. On the 7th of June Nigel Ayers and Alice Kemp will perform as part of the "Resound" Festival. The event is FREE and taking place at the Acorn Theatre. Alice will be presenting "Decay & Persistence" from 6:45pm in the foyer. There is a soundtrack to the performance available on the excellent Fragment Factory label soon. And in the evening (from 9:20pm) Nigel Ayers will be performing live in the theatre itself. Essential.
On the Saturday (8th of June) Alice Kemp will be performing in the Acorn Theatre from 7:00 pm. Again, entrance is free.
If you're daft enough to have a facebook account, there's an event page with "line-up" there.

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