Sunday, 2 June 2013

Noise Receptor Journal : Issue No.1

I have just finished reading the excellent new magazine "Noise Receptor". A new magazine in the arena to compliment "As Loud As Possible", "Night Science", "Terror", "Special Interests" and "Turbulent Times". "Noise Receptor" is produced by Richard Stevenson in Australia. I remember the name from when he used to edit "Spectrum"back in the 1990's, an archive of which is still available on the Internet at - well worth a browse.
"Noise Receptor" started as a blog, but as I am not a great sitter downer at the computer and read about noise kind of guy I've never discovered it. I like physical product! Issue number one concentrates on Trepaneringsritualen with an in depth 10 page interview covering the concept of TxRxP and his releases as well as touching on his previous projects (Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words) and talking about the Belaten label and distribution. The magazine also has artwork by Thomas Ekelund spread out between the pages. It is a fascinating and unputdownable read....
Twenty Eight pages are dedicated to reviews - good in depth reviews, but 28 does seem to be a little OTT. Richard states that he sees the physical magazine as an "in depth" interview + reviews appendage to the blog..but 28 pages is rather a lot. Of course there are the TxRxP release reviews (which could have gone directly after the interview ... maybe with a full Thomas Ekelund discography?) and some interesting new names to discover. Abre Ojos & Desiderlil Marginis being top of the list. Richard seems to mainly review releases from Malignant Records + Force Majeure, but that is OK - both labels release fine stuff!
The magazine is 56 pages thick and limited to 200 copies. (They are numbered). They cost 10 Australian dollars direct from or in the UK from Peripheral Records, who is charging £12 (which seems a little steep to me). I got my copy from Belaten - with a load of cassettes to save on postage.
If you like Trepaneringsritualen and the work of Thomas Ekelund this magazine is essential.

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