Sunday, 9 June 2013

MuhMur SoundArt Radio Broadcast : 13/06/2013

The next MuhMur radio programme is  broadcast on the 13th of June. Thursday, 9pm. It is available to listen to on 102.5FM in the Torbay/South Hams area or streaming live on on the ol'Internet. It is because I will be Berlin bound on the 13th that I pre-recorded the show at a secret location in Paignton today.. at a studio that will now be known as "The Last House On The Left".
Due to the fact that I will not be there to ramble on and mumble down a microphone, this programme has no "chat" - it is 100% sound! (Enjoy). The programme has its' regular features, there is a classic from the new wave era in the shape of "Otto M" by Clock DVA and on this day features a track from the Nurse With Wound album "Insect & Individual Silenced" which was released on June 13 1982. There is also an exclusive track recorded especially for "MuhMur" from Finnish masters Grey Park.

1 : My Trip : September Nothing.
2 : My Trip : I Am Abandoned.
3 : My Trip : I Am Cancer.
4 : My Trip : Abstinence Insects.
(All 4 pieces from the "Scattered" tape (Worthless Recordings) 2013).
5 : Tusen Ar Under Jord : Sorgsendomet Fodos (Hibiskofon) 2013.
6 : Nurse With Wound : Alvin's Funeral (The Milk was Delivered In Black Bottles) (United Dairies) 1982.
7 : Poena : Linkboden (Belaten) 2013.
8 : Grey Park : Untitled Piece  (Not On Label) exclusive for MuhMur Radio.
9 : Clock DVA : Otto M. (Contempo Records) 1992.

Thanks go (again) to Dave Mutch for fine engineering and editing the programme.

1: En Route to the secret location.
2: Relaxing in between tracks!

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