Saturday, 21 January 2017

MuhMur Radio SoundArt Radio Broadcast 19:01:2017.

A freezing cold night in Devon. Clear star studded sky and a walk along the river in darkness to the radio station. A beautiful winters evening … and the first "regular" two hour MuhMur radio broadcast of 2017. Thanks to Dave Mutch for being there.
In the playlist is a piece from the forthcoming cassette release by Modelbau on Sentimental Productions. MuhMur Radio was fortunate to get an advance copy. I have no idea when it will be released.
The two Contrastate tracks are from their latest album "No Eden Without Annihilation". It's a live album with pieces recorded in 2012 at The Fylkingen in Stockholm where Dieter Müh were support alongside White, Dusa and Kristian Olsson.
Please take a listen:   (Copy & Paste).

01: Amalgamated : "Bending The Last Blind Leg" (Bicephalic Records) 2015.
02: Contrastate : "Predestination" (Tesco Organisation) 2016.
03: Contrastate : "Return Of Son Of Sam" (Tesco Organisation) 2016.
04: Modelbau : "Malfunction" (Sentimental Productions) 2017.
05: Altar Of Flies : "Tom Rum" (Sentimental Productions) 2017.
06: The Shining Path : "The Price Of Freedom" (Anna Logue Records) 2016.
07: Bourbonese Qualk : "New Jerusalem" (Vinyl On Demand) 2016.
08: The Shining Path : "Gunship" (Anna Logue Records) 2016.
09: Severed Heads : "Lower Than The Grave (Live)" (Vinyl On Demand) 2008.
10: Godlesstate : "Vedic Transference" (Hagshadow) 2016.
11: AntiChild League : "Fight With No Dreams" (Obsessive Fundamental Realism) 2016.
12: AntiChildLeague : "Guilty Women" (Hagshadow) 2016.
13: First Law : "Holy War" (StateArt) 1997.
14: Praying For Oblivion : "Untitled" (Final Judgement) 2001.
15: Hum : "Crucible" (Drone Records) 2004.
16: Noise-Makers Fife : "Intervisage (Part One)" (Drone Records) 1997.
17: Ultravox! : "Dangerous Rhythm" (Island Records) 1977.
18: Crispy Ambulance : "From The Cradle To The Grave" (Aural Assault Records) 1980.
19: Crispy Ambulance : "Four Minutes From The Frontline" (Aural Assault Records) 1980.

The next programme will be on Thursday February 16 at 20:00 gmt. I am taking a break as I will be in Hull in a couple of weeks. The UK City of Culture 2017 is hosting a performance by COUM Transmissions. If anyone reading this is there … please say hello!

01 : Playlist.
2 & 3 : Studio Shots.


  1. Hey Steve is the show monthly now?

  2. Hello.
    Sorry for the gap in broadcasting …
    Last week I was up North visiting friends in Nottingham and going to the COUM Transmissions exhibition / performance in Hull. COUM Transmissions have intrigued me since the late 1970's and a chance to see / hear them was too good to miss! Hopefully the mandarins ov SoundArt filled my slot with something appropriate!
    Next MuhMur Radio will be on Feb 16 - next Thursday and feature some exclusive material from Jacques Brodier as well as some unheard sounds from Unknwn Singing Objects and a couple of pieces from the upcoming Harbinger Sound 2xLP sampler … and I celebrate the Swell Maps release "Let's Build A Car" 7" (Released Feb 16 1980).
    Again, sorry for the gap in broadcasting … I have a Grey Park session lined up for March 2 too!