Thursday, 18 September 2014

Andrea Borghi

A couple of years ago I managed to get hold of a copy of the split release cassette by VipCranco & Andrea Borghi on Cipher Productions and thus my love affair with all things VipCranco and Lisca Records began.
Andrea Borghi is a member of VipCranco and founder of Lisca Records. He is a sound artist from Marina Di Pietrasanta in Italy.
SQRT are a new label to me. A Polish label who seem to be (Discogs Research used here … a little bit like quoting Wikipedia, but never mind) releasing a series of 3" CD's of mainly electro-acoustic / field recordings and live improvisational work.
Andrea Borghi brings us "Glyphe". Sleeve notes tell us that all tracks were generated in real time using personal Entropic Max patch, effects, microphones and analog audio frequency. The piece "Omaggio A Yves Klein" was composed using treated glass on a modified turntable.
Twenty minutes of high end electro-acoustic compositions throwing some beautiful textures and capturing a noise that is never too abstract. A sound is found / created and developed (albeit in a short space of time), minutae tweaks, stretching, crashing, tumbling and crumbling. Non of the sounds are too abrasive either. Tempered and controlled.
File alongside Phil Julian & Mark Durgan.
An excellent release. SQRT is a label that now needs to be discovered.

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