Thursday, 30 May 2013

Secondhand Record Shops #19 : Back To Mono, Lincoln.

Another one of my stealth and mistral trips to the East Midlands, I was there over the recent Bank Holiday weekend catching up with old friends and visiting the parents .... Being a Bank Holiday weekend (unfortunately) there weren't that many shops open, just the usual tourist trap houses...still, I managed to pick up a copy of the "Street To Street - A Liverpool Album" compilation LP on Open Eye Records for pennies from a charity shop.
The only secondhand vinyl shop I could find was closed, so I cannot give a full report - but at least Lincoln does have a secondhand vinyl emporium. Back in the 1980's secondhand vinyl in Lincoln meant Andy Dobbs' stall on Lincoln market and Mary's on Broadgate, Mary's closed in the mid 1980's and along came New Kid On The Block Vince Ramsey. First with a shared shop with Andy on Tentecroft Street before moving to Hungate and opening "Planet Of Sound". Andy moved to the Sunday market near RAF Scampton. By the turn of the century a few secondhand record shops had come and gone but Vince was still about with his "Planet Of Sound", now moved to the Gowts Bridge area of Lincoln. I was recently told that Vince had closed shop and gone onto EBay selling, but this is unconfirmed.
And there endeth the brief history of Lincoln's secondhand record shops.
"Back To Mono" is a large shop in "The Mall" a small indoor shopping precinct situated at the bottom of Steep Hill (or at the top of the High Street depending on from where you approaching). Old Lincoln folk might remember this place as "The Mini-Market". There were Cabaret Voltaire and The Specials record sleeves on the walls, but as the shop was closed I couldn't comment on stock variety or price - but if you ever are at a loose end in Lincoln, I am certain the shop'll be worth a visit.

1: "Back To Mono" shop front.
2: Meeting up with Britannia Anonymous Society (aka Mick McDaid) at The Vic on Union Road.

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