Friday, 3 May 2013

MuhMur SoundArt Radio Broadcast: 02/05/2013

Another broadcast, another lovely walk through the Dartington Hall Estate gardens to get to the station. The pub inside the grounds (The White Hart) has been refurbished and now resembles a trendy city centre niterie than the good old fashioned country inn that it used to ... I will have to stop by Morrison's now on the way in for liquid refreshment!
No exclusives or sessions on the programme. I still have a great piece by Grey Park to play but still the studio cassette machine has not been fixed!

1: The Monochrome Set : "The Monochrome Set (I Presume)" (DinDisc) 1980.
2: The Monochrome Set : "The Lighter Side Of dating" (DinDisc) 1980.
3: The Homosexuals : "Jesus" (Messthetics) 2004.
4: Current 93 : "Diana" (Cerne Records) 1990.
5: Germseed : "Sons & Bitches Etc" (The Lazarus Corporation) 2013.
6: Cremation Lily : "Fertility Servant" (Harbinger Sound) 2013.
7: Nigel Ayers/John Everall/Mick Harris : "Mesmeric Enabling Device #6" (Solielmoon Recordings) 1999.
8: Zoviet France : "The Leaves Of The Birches" (Alt.Vinyl) 2012.
9: Column One : "Sad Finger" (90% Wasser) 2005.
10: Appliance : "Land, Sea And Air" (Mute Records) 2001.
11: Un-Kommuniti : "Rats About Scientists" (Vinyl On Demand Records) 2013.
12: Aqua Dentata : "Untitled" (Sheepscar Light Industrial) 2013.
13: Thomas Leer : "Private Plane" (Company/Oblique Records) 1978.
14: Nocturnal Emissions : "Accumulator 2" (We Can Elude Control Records) 2013.
15: Storm Bugs : "Car Situations" (Snatch Tapes) 2001.
16: Graph : "Drowning" (Fast Product) 1979.
17: Prats : "Jesus Had A P.A." (One Little Indian Records) 2005.
18: Jane Radion Newton/Adi Newton : "The Denizens" (Antibothis) 2010.

Thanks alot for listening, and big thanks to Dave Mutch the engineer (and whose voice can be heard in the background)! The next programme will be on May 16, same time same channel. I will upload the programme onto MixCloud - barring any hitches some time over the coming weekend.

***** *****
1: SoundArt Radio Station Studio (After Dark).
2: The DJ (I Presume).

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