Friday, 8 March 2013

MuhMur SoundArt Radio Broadcast 07/03/2013

Last nights programme was a Neil Campbell special, including a 20 minute piece compiled especially for the show. There were a few minor hiccups, the programme before mine over ran by a few minutes so those who tuned in at nine expecting some astral social madness got some Barclay James Rapist type soft-rock ... still, if you stuck with it ... thanks, the mixcloud download misses all these shennanigans and is available at :
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Vice Versa were the classics from the new wave era (regular item) and I got to play a side of the "1980: The First Fifteen Minutes" EP at the end as Dave (the engineer) had laptop problems and was behind in loading the next programme.
Next programme is on March 21st.

1: Astral Social Club : "Punk Rocker/Mug Cracker" (Dancing Wayang Records) 2009.
    (from the LP "Plug Music Ramoon").
2: Walden/Campbell/Plaistow : "Morons" (Agdam) 2011.
    (from the compilation CD "Agdam").
3: Neil Campbell : "Muttertown Birdsong Cindy"  (No Label) 2001
    (from the self-released 7" single).
4: Neil Campbell & Rob Hayler : "False Positive"  (Fencing Flatworm Records)
    (from the CDr "In Luck").
5: Astral Social Club : Wet Wheel/Hot Wheel  (Tipped Bowler Tapes) 2011.
    (from the split 12"EP with Tomutontuu).
6: Kufuki : "Dai-Haku-Ryuku (Astral Social Club Remix)"  (Wonderyou) 2012.
    (from the CD "Kufuki").
7: ESP Kinetic : "Under The Bed"  (Music Mundane) 2008.
    (from the CDr "Fleck Nor").
8: Cock E.S.P. & Smell & Quim : "L'Odeur Et Le Vagin"  (Spite Records) 1998.
    (from the 7" EP "Super Noise Penis").
9: Vibracathedral Orchestra : "Brundell 16/01/03"  (Gold Soundz) 2003.
     (from the 7" Untitled).
10: Flower & Campbell :  "Untitled"  (Golden Lab Records)
      (from a promo CDr)
11: Vice Versa : "Genetic Warfare"  (Neutron Records) 1980.
      (from the compilation 7"EP "1980:The First Fifteen Minutes").
12: Astral Social Club : "Untitled"  (Not On Label) 2013.
      (A work in progress piece compiled for MuhMur Radio Programme).
13: Early Hominids : "#1"  (Music Mundane) 2009.
      (from the CDr "Metatarsal").
14: Iibiis Rooge : "Coro Coro"  (Dekorder Records)  2010.
      (from the LP "Iibiis Rooge").
15 :Clock DVA : "Brigade"  (Neutron Records) 1980.
16: Stunt Kites : "Beautiful People"  (Neutron Records) 1980.
      (Both tracks from the 7" EP "1980:The First Fifteen Minutes"). 


  1. very flattered Steve - nice work! i even enjoyed hearing "wet wheel" 12" at the wrong speed ... and "1980, the first 15 minutes" EP was nice touch = first record i ever mailordered direct from a band, age 13, early 1980. I still love Vice Versa.

  2. Hello Neil - Glad you got to listen to the programme. Dave and I were "rocking out" and kissing the sky whilst "Wet Wheel/Hot Wheel" was spinning (DJ talk) .... if you do not stipulate the rpm on the record or sleeve then surely it is listeners perogative as to what speed the vinyl should rotate?
    I chose Vice Versa for I know how much you love them.