Thursday, 24 December 2009

Simon Jarvis

To prove what an exciting and just damn strange year it was....
I was browsing through some MySpace pages where I chanced upon a chap called "Simon" on the Punishment Of Luxury site. He mentioned gigs and stuff that meant it could only be Simon Jarvis. I made exploratory E Mithers. It was. Weird.
In 1982 / 1983 I was the drummer in a band put together by Simon Jarvis. We were a 5-piece called Wallpaper Paris - I know terrible name. Not my choice...but - we wanted to be included in the same breath as Clock DVA, Bauhaus or The Pop Group.It didn't quite work out. After a non-amicable split I only saw Simon again the once. He was performing as Peking Trees with a chap called James Carcas. The year was still 1983.
How weird was it to find him lurking in the bowels of MySpace, more bizarre than that, he was staying just down the road from me in Devon. (Fashionable South Brent).

We met in a pub just north of Torquay and got on really well. 26 years of life had passed, but non of that was mentioned, we just talked about the now as if we'd known each other for all those 26 years. That night was one of the highlights of 2009.
Simon has now moved on. He is living the nomadic life. Hopefully he'll be back in 2010.

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