Saturday, 20 August 2016

MuhMur Radio SoundArt Radio Broadcast 18:08:2016.

Sorry for the delay in writing this … It has been a busy time of late … Chris Booth was working the AdpTour in Totnes and when he popped in to the studio at 10pm to give me a lift back to Torquay we forgot to download the recording on to my USB, so I have had to wait for it to arrive via E Mail. Anyway - enough is the latest MuhMur Radio Broadcast. (Copy + Paste) :

It has been glorious weather here in Devon over the last few days (great band), so glorious it has made me feel like digging out some old Drone Records releases and sitting back and relaxing … It has been great to rediscover some sounds that I haven't heard in many many years. I thought I would play a few on programme. Also in the mix is the new 10" single from Massicot. It's a single produced (initially) for their UK tour which is happening at this moment. I am co-promoting their gig in Exeter on August 26.

This will be the final programme for August, the next broadcast will be on September 15. (20:00).

01: Dave Phillips : "Dogs" (90% Wasser) 2005.
02: Cranioclast : "De Zeester" (Drone Records) 2000.
03: Tho-So-Aa : "Dying Reveal" (Drone Records) 2005.
04: Bryan Lewis Saunders & Arvo Zylo : "The Pleasure Tunnel" (NO PART OF IT) 2015.
05: Ultra Milkmaids : "Lover Time (Kitchen Mix)" (Drone Records) 1998.
06: Bad Sector : "Jackie 1954" (Drone Records) 1996.
07: Yen Pox : "Remove" (Drone Records) 1995.
08: Column One : "Sad Finger" (State Art) 2000.
09: Massicot : "Zem" (Red Wig / Harbinger Sound) 2016.
10: Nolls : "Here Before" (Lucked Out Tapes) 2014.
11: Kraken : "Lamentación No.2" (Lage Laden Lawaii) 2016.
12: PBK : "Impulsion" (EE Tapes) 2003.
13: Kallabris : "Lob Dem Technischen Personal" (Drone Records) 1998.
14: Spear : "Not Two" (Drone Records) 1999.
15: Emaciator : "May We Transcend" (Monorail Trespassing) 2009.
16: Para-Noise Terminal : "Fraktale Der Masse" (Drone Records) 1995.

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