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MuhMur Radio SoundArt Radio MNEM Special Broadcast : 25/06/2015.

Scraps of paper, I found MNEM through scraps of paper. Altham Terrace, Lincoln 1997 and I was receiving tapes and CD's from a variety of outlets and artists. I remember being sat in the flat and emptying a jiffy bag of tapes and scraps of paper advertising other folks wares and lists from mail order distribution outlets. It could have come from EE Tapes, Cheeses International or Betley Welcomes or neither but the small scrap of paper headed "Members Ov Sonic Cults" caught my eye and imagination. 
MNEM aren't on the compilation, the label; Negart was operated by J. Karpov who alongside 1W went on to form MNEM. I traded a copy of the Dieter Müh CD "Black Square" for a copy of the cassette and a correspondence and friendship with Juri (J. Karpov) and Weno (1W) began. Negart morphed into Negative Foundation and released the compilation CDR "Halogen Ball" which also featured Dieter Müh, Grey Park and Alchemy Of The 20th Century. 
The programme features a journey through MNEM releases, I tried to keep it linear but there were moments where jumping years seemed to fit. The recordings for "MuhMur Radio" are the first recordings to surface since the 2013 compilation project "Stein" on Verlautbarung. 
One piece I would like to have featured is the track "The Misc" from "Ambient Intimacy 4" CDR compilation on EE Tapes. (2000). But unfortunately the disc doesn't register any more. Surely a need for a CD re-issue here Eriek (if you are reading this)?
Please have a listen. (Copy + Paste) : Comments always welcomed.

01: MNEM : "Genocide Mobile" (Negative Foundation) 1999.
     (From the compilation Cdr "Halogen Ball").
02: MNEM : "Siera Star" (Kaos Kontrol) 2000.
     (From the 10" EP "Engrama"). 
03: MNEM : "Erytherma" (Negative Foundation) 1999.
     (From the Cdr "Arkaeo").
04: MNEM : "Sediment Thesis B" (Kaos Kontrol) 2001.
     (From 7" Single).
05: MNEM : "Invisible Organism" (Adeptsound) 2010.
     (From the compilation CD "Bacterium").
06 : Extract from Dieter Müh audio tour diary - Helsinki - Dresden 2000 (Private Recording).
07: MNEM : "Hypostatic Ground B" (Drone Records) 2002.
     (From 7" Single).
08: MNEM : "Trilemn" (Kaos Kontrol) 2003.
     (From CD album "For Delta Relics").
09: MNEM : "Golyma" (Segerhuva) 2005.
     (From LP "Golyma").
10: MNEM : "Syphilitic Solar Surge" (Segerhuva) 2004.
     (From the compilation CD "Sweetness Will Overcome).
11: MNEM : "Saturnalia" (Negative Foundation) 2006.
     (B-Side of "No Cosmic Ox" 7" Single).
12: Dieter Müh/MNEM : "Galan Taerti" (Cipher Productions) 2008.
     (From CD album "Atomyriades").
13: MNEM : "Troktopillar" (Verlautbarung) 2013.
     (From compilation double album + 7" "Stein").
14: MNEM : Disaster Marginal" (Not On Label) 2015.
15: MNEM : "Resorcinum" (Not On Label) 2015.
16: MNEM : "Fallibilis Hegonon" (Not On Label) 2015.
     (Three tracks recorded and produced exclusively for MuhMur Radio).
17: MNEM : "No Cosmic Ox" (Negative Foundation) 2006.
     (From 7" Single).
18: 1W : "Wirelogic" (Negart) 1997.
     (From compilation cassette "Members Ov Sonic Cults").
19: The Fall : "Free Range" (Cog Sinister) 1992.

The Fall are a favourite band of MNEM! 
The next programme will be broadcast on July 9.

01: The "scrap of paper" that lead me to MNEM.
02: Inside the Black Palace.
03: 1W.
04: J. Karpov.

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