Friday, 1 May 2015

MuhMur Radio SoundArt Broadcast : April 30. 2015.

In honour of Walpurgis Night I chose a playlist that was tinged with the occult. It was good fun to build. Two noticeable pieces are the short Hunting Horn introduction from the first ever Muhviertel live performance that took place at Manchester PSV Club in May 1985. (30 years ago), also an unreleased two minute track called "Wicker" by Dieter Müh + Lon Milo DuQuette. It was originally to be the B-Side of "The Call" album with a lock groove, but the idea / execution became too much of a headache! If there is an interested party out there who wants to release it …
I am really enjoying the atmosphere of the new studio space at Dartington, and hopefully soon I will be able to host some live performances.
Anyway - please take a listen to the programme. Copy + Paste :
Please feel free to comment.

01: 400 Blows : "Beat The Devil" (Concrete Productions) 1982.
02: Dieter Müh + Lon Milo DuQuette : "The Call" (Haemoccult Recordings) 2008.
03: Column One : "W. Transmissions 4 (Side 2)" (StateArt) 2000.
04: Non : "Lucifer, The Morning Star" (Mute Records) 1997.
05: Psychic TV : "Unclean" (Temple Records) 1984.
06: Trepaneringsritualen : "Veil The World" (Cold Spring Records) 2015.
07: Killing Joke : "Follow The Leader" (Editions EG/Malicious Damage) 1981.
08: Muhviertel : "Kugel Aktion - Live Introduction" (Carnifex Recordings) 1987.
09: Thossian Process : "Circles Burning" (Striate Cortex) 2012.
10: Alice Kemp : "Impregnator Of The Death Mouth" (Harbinger Sound) 2015.
11: Dieter Müh + Lon Milo DuQuette : "Wicker" (Not On Label) 2008.
12: Burial Hex : "In Psychic Defence" (Sound Of Cobra) 2011.
13: Current 93 : "I Dance Narcoleptic" (Coptic Cat) 2010.
14: Non : "Out Out Out" (Mute Records) 1997.

The next broadcast is on May 14 and at the NEW regular time of 20:00 GMT.

01: Waiting for the train to Totnes at Newton Abbot.
02: WalpurgisNacht!

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  1. Oh it's just deleted my comment. Right this is a proper long shot Steve but did you ever tape any Birthday Party gigs at Retford Porterhouse? My dad has told me a story a couple of times about getting up on stage and singing Fun House with Nick Cave. He told me his mate used to tape all the gigs and definitely had that one, to be honest I'm wondering if you could even be that mate. Anyway, if that even slightly rings a bell then get in touch! I'm on rta.joe(at)