Friday, 18 April 2014

MuhMur SoundArt Radio Broadcast : 17/04/14.

I planned this playlist a few days before broadcast and then on the 16th (through the letterbox) came a copy of Defiant Pose #8 fanzine with a copy of the new Rema Rema 7" "International Scale" .. it had to be included, the first piece of Rema Rema vinyl in 34 years. The fanzine is excellent too .. Apologies of the skipping and sticking during the Kallabris track. Something to do with the stylus weight being altered and the "Anti-Skating" device not being on … Anyway, copy & paste and I hope you enjoy the listen … (The TG track at the end is from the "32nd Annual Report" album).

01: Rema Rema : "International Scale" (Inflammable Material) 2014.
02: Kallabris : "Shanghai" (Genesungswerk) 2002.
03: Artificial Memory Trace : "Amfibion Epilok" (Tentacles Of Perception) 2014.
04: Artificial Memory Trace : "Kristmax" (Attenuation Circuit) 2012.
05: Atman : "The Wind" (Obuh Records) 1993.
06: Ultra United : Incendiary Lover" (State Art Records) 2002.
07: Dieter Müh/Mnem : "Nine Many" (Cipher Productions) 2008.
08: Margitt Holtz/Thorsten Soltau : "Sechzehn Knoten" Albert Detzel Records) 2011.
09: Flutwacht : "Asceptic Aura" (Symbolic Productions) 2006.
10: Helm : "Imperium" (New Images) 2014.
11: The Cure : "Secrets" (Polydor/Fiction Records) 1980.
12: The Cure : "Faith" (Polydor/Fiction Records) 1981.
13: Swell Maps : "Ammunition Train" (Mute Records) 1991.
14: The Phones Sportsman Band : "I Really Love You" (Rather Records) 1980.
15: The Hafler Trio : "Fuck #1" (Touch Records) 1992.
16: Throbbing Gristle : "Slug Bait" (Industrial Records) 2008.
Thnaks for listening. Next broadcast is on May 1 with a James Shearman session.


  1. Excellent Stuff
    I'd have you round for dinner every night....cause you'd like it in my yard.

    1. Thank You very much Gary … Your words on here and FB are much appreciated, glad to have your ears as you have had mine since ….. The Models…ha!
      When your "International Scale" 7" came out I was invited to be DJ at the 100 Club for Sleaford Mods + Sudden Infant. I played it 3 times!! The sound guy there (Raye) just kept saying "put the Rema-Rema single on". Super loud, super heavy.
      If you ever want to do a MuhMur radio "session" or have some unreleased beauties you want played … let me know.
      Cari Saluti.

  2. Hi Steve
    Lets do something around the 4AD release of the Rema-Rema album Fond Reflections...there's a good few gems that you'll like and we could chat our way through on MuhMur radio with some super loud, super heavy.