Sunday, 15 August 2010


Just spent a pleasant while listening to the new Putrefier LP "Solar Dragging" on Noiseville Records. (Noiseville #88).
Putrefier is one of those people on my (ever growing) list that when I see a new release by, I have to buy. Not always successfully, what with ultra limited stuff coming out over the past 20 odd years, but when it is available I try and hunt it out.
I first heard Putrefier back in the late 1980's when I contacted his Birthbiter label (more than likely after some Whitehouse or Esplendor Geometrico stuff) and got the "Beyond Scathing" (1986) cassette, then came the superb "Pray For Fire" (1992) 7". I was hooked.....
I was fortunate enough to support Putrefier in 1994 in Nottingham ( a set he did with Bolus of Evil Moisture) and then play a few dates in London, Bristol, Finland and Germany over the next few years I have heard the work of Putrefier loud. Putrefier needs to be heard loud. "Solar Dragging" is no exception. Released by Noiseville as part of their "Outer Bounds Of Sound" catalogue and limited to only 300, this LP explores both studio and live work by Mark Durgan. Three tracks: The very short "Horst" which is a rhythmic hammer leads in to "Thicket Clearing", a 15 minute piece of circuit bending electronics which builds to find a loop, ultimately to collapse and try again. There's also sound of a kitchen pan being struck hanging about in the background, that came a s a surprise! Side two is a warhorse of a live piece called "No L.A." recorded in Boston, Mass (not Lincs) last year. I smiled all through this piece. Crystal clear electronics create patterns and weave. loops are caught and played with before being discarded and thrown back in to the morass of electronics from whence it came. Again noises are stretched to their limit and sometimes do fall flat on their face, but it is all suddenly picked up again to be thrown out of the speakers. Excellent stuff - and play loud!

Putrefier differs from the solo work by Mark Durgan, the time I saw Mark play under his own name it was more organic, more concret than the awesome noise of Putrefier - but both recommended. If you see this LP - BUY.

1: "Solar Dragging" sleeve. (On my old piano)!

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