Sunday, 15 August 2010

Aaron Dilloway #2

Just spent a pleasant while listening to Aaron Dilloway's "Hatched Eggs" LP/CD package. A concept release. I have kids (I've got three), and of course I have kids toys and I think I heard a few being used on this release.
The release is more like a document from an exhibition / installation. It certainly sounds like it was recorded in some art space ( a garage springs to mind). The LP starts with crackling sounds and soon develops in to the cries of animals. It is the sound of the animals that remind me of Farmyard Toys. Bleating, Cawing, Mooing all processed through effects. Over both sides of the LP and the 3" CD the sounds loop and build to a wonderful wall of noise. It is like walking round Paignton Zoo at feeding time. My mind then got to thinking, if this was a recording from an installation are the sounds being triggered in someway by the audience or artist?
It is a fascinating and compelling piece.
Packaged in a sleeve of pencil rubbings of a beetle eaten tree by American artist Brian Schmidt and limited to 15 - yes 15! - copies (I have #8), finding a copy will take some doing.

1: Hatched Eggs Package. (Hanson/RRR Records).
2: Close up of sleeve.

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