Monday, 2 August 2010


Just spent a pleasant while listening to the latest release by Belgian (self proclaimed) industrialists Militia. I have been listening to Militia now for the fifteen years, although I haven't bought anything since their split 7" with Laura Maes and Con-Dom and that was in 1997. First I got the split release cassette with Con-Dom back in 1995. It came recommended by Mike Dando himself and I remember playing a lot. This was before I heard Genocide Organ or Anenzephalia mind. This cassette release (limited to 100 copies) jumped out to me as a must have. It is a recording of the first 2 live radio performances of Militia when the line-up was purely Frank Gorissen back in 1989.
The sound quality isn't that clever, not as bad as some Swedish tapes I have been buying lately, but certainly not Burial Hex "Fantasma" quality. Some of the bass tones and metal percussion are muffled, but then I suppose at releasing from a master cassette that is over 20 years old there can be no complaints. Echoed walls of tonal feedback meet the clattering of junkyard metal. Tapes of Aleister Crowley and Throbbing Gristle play along and interrupt delayed vocals. It is the template for Power Electronics, around this time both Genocide Organ and Con-Dom were operating in the same area, and that is where this release fits in.
Released by Destructive Industries of Natchez, Mississippi the tape is now sold out.

1: Militia "Live Provocations 1+2" package. 2010.
2: Militia / Con-Dom "Scorched Earth Policy" cassette package. 1995.

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